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  1. Ben Schwartz Teaches You How to Grill; Needs Another Baby Hockey Stick It might seem like he’s joking but this is exactly how you grill sausages. Watering can? Yep. Not one but two baby hockey sticks? Yep yep. […]
  2. Nick Offerman Imitates a Post-Cooking Salmon Taylor Swift and More! Conan makes a good point: What is Nick making? He looks like he’s just arbitrarily sanding, hammering, and drilling holes into pieces of wood. […]
  3. Nick Offerman Brings His Perfect Ashley Tisdale Impression Back to ‘Conan’ The best part is when he reads Selena Gomez’s use of “kinda” as “kind of.” As to say, “I am sweeping these oak shavings. I am not going to say […]
  4. Nick Offerman Likes Woodworking A LotNick Offerman wrote about his love of woodworking for the Huffington Post. He writes (make sure to read it in a Ron Swanson voice): In my day […]