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Man Vs. Wild

  1. survival of the fittest
    Jake Gyllenhaal Ate His First Worm on Man vs. Wild Last NightRavine crossing, shirtless wading, and more.
  2. clickables
    Watch Jake Gyllenhaal Drag Himself Across a Ravine on Man vs. WildThis seems dangerous, Jake!
  3. clickables
    See a Promo for Jake Gyllenhaal’s Man vs. Wild Episode“Make an H.” “Lowercase or uppercase?”
  4. bear grylls
    What Will Bear Grylls Do to Gross You Out Next?The ‘Man vs. Wild’ star will appear in a new Discovery Channel show, ‘Worst Case Scenario.’
  5. tv
    Tuck Yourself Inside a Dead Camel for Man vs. WildJust like Bear Grylls.
  6. tv
    The Montage of Bear Grylls Eating Raw Animal Flesh Will Actually Make You SickWe turned it off after 0:22 to go throw up.
  7. the industry
    Will Ferrell Will Do Just About Anything to Promote Land of the LostPlus: Megan Fox, heroin smuggler.
  8. agenda
    ‘Man vs. Wild’ Survives Scandal, Provides More SavageryThe British press tore him apart, crying “fake,” but Bear Grylls’s survivor adventure show hasn’t suffered from the added disclaimers.