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  1. Christopher Robin Trailer: Winnie the Pooh Is Coming for Paddington’s ThroneWinnie the Pooh has ditched the Hundred Acre Woods.
  2. the industry
    Daisy Ridley to Star in WWII Drama The Lost WifeBased on the book by Alyson Richman.
  3. the industry
    Brad Pitt Is Not Talking to His World War Z Director As they head into reshoots with an unclear game plan, Marc Forster must relay his notes through an intermediary.
  4. zombies
    Brad Pitt Signs On for Zombie MovieDon’t worry, he won’t be playing the zombie.
  5. adaptations
    ‘This American Life’ Segment to Become a MovieA proper feature, not a documentary.
  6. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Hopkins, Butler, MonaghanPlus: Maxwell and Jill Scott embark on a tour.
  7. the industry
    Marisa Tomei and Liv Tyler to Borrow Sugar From One AnotherPlus: Samuel L. Jackson has some pirate negotiating to do.
  8. the industry
    Clint Eastwood to See Dead PeoplePlus: Ben Silverman gives Hilary Duff a show!
  9. How James Bond Nearly Became a FatherAccording to ‘Quantum of Solace’ director Marc Forster, Paul Haggis wanted to give 007 a baby.
  10. quote machine
    Fall Out Boy Guitarist Claims He Doesn’t Associate With Douche BagsPlus: A-Rod!
  11. chat room
    ‘The Kite Runner’ Author Khaled Hosseini on Piracy, Farsi, and Trying on a Burka“For this film to be in Farsi is a real coup.”
  12. kudos
    Oscar Futures: ‘American Gangster’ Ready to Play Like GangbustersWho’s up? Who’s down?
  13. kudos
    Oscar Futures: ‘American Gangster’ Ready to Play Like GangbustersWho’s up? Who’s down?
  14. the industry
    Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, Reunited and It Feels So GoodPlus industry news on Natalie Portman, Mike Nichols, and that racist bastard Tintin.
  15. the industry
    A Match Made in Noir Heaven: Clive Owen, Frank Miller, Raymond Chandler