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Marcel The Shell With Shoes On

  1. Marcel the Shell Experiences His Very First ThunderstormIt’s a big week for fans of Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp’s tiny creation Marcel the Shell. Not only is there a new book called Marcel […]
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    See the Latest Installment of Marcel the Shell With Shoes OnSee what happens when Marcel sneezes.
  3. Jenny Slate Sings as Marcel the Shell on ‘Late Show’Jenny Slate has a brand new Marcel the Shell book coming out next week, and during last night’s Late Show she explained Marcel’s origins to […]
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    Talking Obvious Child With Jenny Slate“One thing I think our movie fights for, and I will fight for as a person, is that it’s a woman’s right not just to choose but to have complex feelings about that choice.”
  5. Talking to Jenny Slate About Her Web Series ‘Catherine’ and the ‘Marcel […]While most professional comedians keep busy by involving themselves in many different projects, it seems like Jenny Slate has a lot going on […]
  6. Jenny Slate’s Grandmas Have Even Cuter Voices Than Marcel the Shell If only Jenny Slate had forty-five grandmothers so she could do voices for all of them in an animated show called Grandma Island. We’ll have […]
  7. Brian Williams and Marcel the Shell Nearly Come to Blows The best part of this Rock Center interview with Marcel the Shell With Shoes On is the fistfight that almost breaks out between Marcel and […]
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    Watch Brian Williams Interview Marcel the Shell (and Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp)Brian Williams went to Brooklyn, met Marcel the Shell.
  9. Brian Williams Will Grill Marcel the Shell on Rock Center The two greatest minds of our modern age, together at last. Marcel the Shell will appear on Rock Center With Brian Williams tonight, where […]
  10. New Marcel the Shell Video Is Every Bit As Tiny As The Last At long last, another video starring the one and only Marcel the Shell With Shoes On, from Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp. Not to give […]
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    Watch the New Marcel the Shell VideoMarcel the Shell With Shoes On is back, and it’s … even cuter, somehow?
  12. Marcel the Shell to Make His Children’s Book DebutMarcel the Shell has successfully crossed over from video to children’s book. Next step? Hopefully a Marcel the Shell video game, where you can […]
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    Read a Few Excerpts From Marcel the Shell’s New BookIt’s now a children’s book.
  14. Here’s the Cover of the Marcel the Shell with Shoes On BookMarcel the Shell with Shoes On, the delightful character created by Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp, is getting his own book, and here’s […]
  15. A Marcel the Shell Children’s Book Is Coming The much-loved short video Marcel the Shell with Shoes On, by Jenny Slate and Dean Fleischer-Camp, is being made into a children’s book called […]