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Marcia Gay Harden

  1. role call
    Marcia Gay Harden Answers Every Question We Have About Her Pollock Oscars WinWithout a SAG or Golden Globe nomination, the actor’s win was a long shot. Twenty years later, she reminisces with Vulture about the night.
  2. trailer mix
    Amy Poehler Isn’t a Regular Mom. She’s a Cool Mom in the Moxie TrailerThe latest Netflix teen movie in the hallowed genre of Netflix teen movies.
  3. tv review
    Code Black Saved by Excellent Character ActorsMarcia Gay Harden is so formidable that she makes her character tolerable, even exciting. 
  4. casting couch
    Marcia Gay Harden Joins Fifty Shades CastAs Christian Grey’s mother.
  5. fall tv 2013
    TV Review: ABC’s Trophy WifeThe new ABC comedy stars Bradley Whitford and Malin Akerman.
  6. casting
    Jacki Weaver and Marcia Gay Harden Join Woody Allen’s New MovieThe one starring Emma Stone and Colin Firth.
  7. casting couch
    Marcia Gay Harden Replaces Rosemarie DeWitt in The NewsroomAs a litigator defending Will McAvoy’s news network.
  8. casting couch
    JFK Assassination Film Parkland Casts Zac Efron and Marcia Gay HardenParkland, produced by Tom Hanks.
  9. the industry
    Industry Roundup: Stevens, KeoughPlus: Jonathan Demme to direct two episodes of Mike White’s HBO show.
  10. the industry
    Anthony Hopkins to Overact in a Classical ModeAnd Gwyneth, Keira ,and Naomi are set to play Lear’s daughters.