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  1. Maria Bamford Tells ‘NYT Magazine’ That She’s Enjoying Her Gravy Boat“People want to know: ‘So what are you working on? What’s going on with you? What’s the next page? What’s coming up for you? What’s on the […]
  2. Maria Bamford and Melinda Hill’s Debtors Anonymous Group Explores […]In the second episode of their new Funny or Die web series The Program, Maria Bamford and Melinda Hill help lead their Debtors Anonymous group […]
  3. Maria Bamford on How She Develops Her ActWhen she’s not touring, playing open mics and festivals, making web series, or recording an album, Maria Bamford finds things to keep her […]
  4. Maria Bamford and Melinda Hill Star in New 12-Step Funny or Die Series […]Here’s part 1 of a new Funny or Die series created by and starring Maria Bamford and Melinda Hill called The Program, about a 12-step meeting […]
  5. Here’s How Maria Bamford Writes a Joke“In Houston, Texas, when it is 90 degrees in April, take a paper and pen from your Holiday Inn hotel room and begin walking along the freeway […]
  6. Patton Oswalt Names His Dream Comedy-to-Drama Crossovers“Something gritty. Something early-70s. Boston. Icy grime. Low-stakes larceny, with her psyche as collateral. I don’t think there’s anything […]
  7. Maria Bamford Discusses Her Parents, Mental Illness Stigma, and LA with […] Maria Bamford was the guest on FXX’s Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell last night, and here’s the full interview, in which Bamford and Bell […]
  8. Watch Judd Apatow and Maria Bamford Remember the ’90s As part of a series on the ‘90s for Vanity Fair, here’s a video of Judd Apatow and Maria Bamford reminiscing about the biggest moments of […]
  9. remember the 90s?
    Watch Judd Apatow and Maria Bamford Remember the NinetiesWatch as they look at old Vanity Fair articles and feel old together.
  10. This Week in Comedy Podcasts: Maria Bamford Bonds with ‘Tom Leykis’, Paul […]The comedy podcast universe is ever expanding, not unlike the universe universe. We’re here to make it a bit smaller, a bit more manageable. […]
  11. Humble Bundle Gets Into Comedy with Downloads from Louis C.K., Patrice […]Humble Bundle, the online company that “bundles” collections of video games, eBooks, and music for a pay-what-you-want download, has launched […]
  12. Tenacious D, Chris Elliott, Maria Bamford, and Tons More Are Doing […]Everything Is Terrible is having their fourth annual “Everything Is Festival” starting next week, and they have one heck of a lineup for it. […]
  13. This Week in Comedy: UCB’s Del Close Marathon, Talking to Amy Schumer, and […]-We talked to Fred Armisen about leaving SNL and diving back into Portlandia. -We talked to Amy Schumer about her Comedy Central show, Inside […]
  14. This Week In Web Videos: Maria Bamford’s ‘Ask My Mom!’Last week, I got to live out a childhood dream and talk to Maria Bamford, a woman I watched on many a standup special as a wee lad. She makes […]
  15. Maria Bamford’s New Album Is Out July 16thComedy Central announced today that they’ll be releasing Maria Bamford’s new standup album Ask Me About My New God! on Tuesday, July 16th. The […]
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    Maria Bamford on Arrested Development, Acting Anxiety, and Cake Parties“They’re kind of dangerous, actually.”
  17. ‘Arrested Development’ Episode Reviews: Indian Takers / The B. TeamIn addition to our Arrested Development season 4 review, Splitsider has also been posting episode-by-episode recaps that will cover two […]
  18. Watch the First Two Episodes of Maria Bamford’s New Web Series Hot on the heels of her appearance in the new season of Arrested Development, the very funny Maria Bamford has just released the first two […]
  19. Watch a Trailer for Maria Bamford’s New Web Series ‘Ask My Mom!’ The delightful Maria Bamford is set to launch a new web series called Ask My Mom! on the comedy website My Damn Channel next week, but here’s […]
  20. Fun Thing to Buy of the Day: Maria Bamford’s ‘The Burning Bridges Tour’Yesterday we ran a piece on comedian Maria Bamford’s struggle with mental illness and her use of comedy to overcome it. Bamford’s 2003 debut […]
  21. Maria Bamford and the Cathartic Comedy of Mental IllnessMaria Bamford is launching a revolution from her microphone. In less than two years, Bamford has survived the death of her best friend — […]
  22. All the Best Moments from Maria Bamford’s Reddit AMAComedian Maria Bamford answered fans questions in a Reddit Ask Me Anything (or AMA) yesterday to promote her new standup special, the special […]
  23. ‘Vulture’ Picks Its Top 10 Stand-up Specials of the YearSplitsider alum Jesse David Fox picked the “Top 10 Stand-Up Specials of 2012” over at Vulture this week, selecting the best of the best from […]
  24. Maria Bamford’s New Special, Where Her Parents Are the Only Audience […] Here’s a preview of Maria Bamford’s new stand-up special, entitled Maria Bamford: the special special special!, which she recorded in her […]
  25. Talking with Maria Bamford About Stand-up, Her New Special, and Her Role […]Maria Bamford has been one of the funniest and most original stand-ups going for years now, and she’s been keeping busy with a whole slew of TV […]
  26. Maria Bamford Is Releasing a Stand-Up Special Recorded in Her Living Room […]Stand-up Maria Bamford is self-releasing a new hour special called Maria Bamford: The special special special! later this month, but it’s gonna […]
  27. Maria Bamford Has ‘A Tiny Part’ in ‘Arrested Development’ Season 4As you’re probably aware, federal legislation was put into effect this year requiring all entertainment blogs to report every new detail that […]
  28. overnights
    Louie Recap: Best Friends Forever?In which he tries to make amends with Marc Maron.
  29. ‘Louie’ Recap: ‘Ikea/Piano Lesson’There is an awkward moment in an episode of Tough Crowd with Colin Quinn from sometime between 2002 and 2004 where Marc Maron implied that […]
  30. This One Time These Old Shock Jocks were Mean to Maria Bamford… I don’t know why that old guy was so mean to Maria or why he felt a  goatee with both a really long moustache and chin part was the best look […]
  31. Maria Bamford Tries to Find the Humor in Mental Illness“Yeah. I have a joke about how people don’t talk about mental illness the way they do other regular illnesses. ‘Well, apparently Jeff has […]
  32. Going on Tour with the ‘Comedians of Comedy’It’s no secret that sometimes comedy is taken a bit too seriously. Comedy obsessives love not just the jokes, but the mechanics and emotions of […]
  33. Sarah Silverman, Maria Bamford and More Comedians On Why They Love Each […]This comedian pile-up of compliments is so lovely. Reading it feels like you’re on a camping trip where after s’mores everyone takes turns […]
  34. Amy Schumer Shows Us How to Be Funny and Also a Lady Amy Schumer took some time out of her busy female schedule of getting her toenails painted in pastel plaid and calling her ex-boyfriends to […]
  35. Talking to Maria BamfordWhen word gets out that a New York art museum exhibit is pairing comedian Maria Bamford’s act with a documentary about reclusive socialites, I […]
  36. Maria Bamford Brings Some Online Dating Tips to Craig Fergeson Last week, I somehow missed the fact that the wonderful Maria Bamford was on The Late Late Show with Craig Fergeson. Well, it’s never too […]
  37. Get Into the Holiday Spirit with ‘Maria Bamford’s One-Hour Homemade […] Maria Bamford is one of the coolest, weirdest, most uniquely talented comedians around right now. As you may have seen from her stand-up or […]
  38. Comedy’s 17 Favorite ComediansWho are the best working comedians today? Who’s creating the best material, influencing the most people and is the flat-out funniest? You could […]