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  1. a long talk
    ‘I Don’t Think Anybody Alive Can Tell Me What to Do’Willie Nelson at his most Willie Nelson.
  2. last night on late night
    Colbert Knows Fox News’ Kamala Harris Weed Exposé Is Just Their Opinion, ManWay deep.
  3. author talk
    Idra Novey on Fascists, Pot, #MeToo and Her Chillingly Timely New NovelThose Who Knew involves a charismatic senator in an island nation with familiar skeletons in his closet.
  4. weed news
    Could Mike Tyson Interest You in a TV Series About His Marijuana Farm?The former boxer would reportedly star in the scripted comedy, currently named Rolling With The Punches.
  5. streaming tv
    Netflix Is Getting Into the Weed-Selling BusinessA much different take on “Netflix and chill.”
  6. John Oliver Explains the US’s Conflicting Federal and State Marijuana Laws […]Here’s a clip from last night’s Last Week Tonight, where John Oliver takes a closer look at how, thanks to the Controlled Substances Act and […]
  7. roll clip!
    John Oliver Uses Lady Gaga to Debunk Jeff Sessions’s Anti-Pot Argument“So please, Jeff, if you’re going to live your life according to Gaga quotes, accept the entire canon.”
  8. arrests
    Fifth Harmony’s Jauregui Arrested for WeedShe got caught with weed in her carry-on bag at Washington Dulles.
  9. octogenarians
    Loretta Lynn Just Tried Weed for the First TimeWell, then, yee-haw.
  10. cannabis news
    The Trailer Park Boys Will Soon Sell Legal WeedOh, Canada.
  11. timelines
    Brad Pitt’s Battle With Marijuana: a HistoryIt’s been a long struggle.
  12. the industry
    Captain America’s Directors Are Developing a Pot Comedy for ShowtimeThe project follows a family that tries to adjust to a world where pot is legal.
  13. time is a flat circle
    Woody Harrelson Applies for Pot LicenseTrue Detective season 3?
  14. wu goo
    Ghostface Killah Introduces Brand of WeedGoo!
  15. the industry
    Chuck Lorre Shopping Sitcom About Pot DispensarySet in Colorado.
  16. last night on late night
    Joseph Gordon-Levitt Gives Pot-Smoking AdviceFor the kids!
  17. new yorker festival
    Jesse Eisenberg May Stalk You, But He Won’t Get Stoned With YouAlso, he had fun turning the cartoony villain Lex Luthor into a scary reality.
  18. music
    Destroyer’s New Video for ‘Times Square’ Is Trippy Stop-Motion BlissMoss creatures smoke weed while listening to sultry saxophones, man.
  19. stoners
    Prithee, Did Thou Knowest That Shakespeare Smoked Weed?My kingdom for some dank-ass ganja.
  20. music
    Snoop Dogg’s Tour of European Legal Trouble ContinuesThe rapper was stopped by Italian customs for carrying $422,000 in cash.
  21. music
    Snoop Dogg Instagrams His Arrest in SwedenPolice suspected he was under the influence of drugs, but the rapper claims he was profiled and now says he won’t ever perform in Sweden again.
  22. arrests
    Rick Ross Reportedly Arrested for Marijuana PossessionHe was driving his Bentley in Georgia.
  23. mari-want-a
    Morgan Freeman Loves Weed So MuchHe’s probably high right now.
  24. outtakes
    Watch Stoner Woody Harrelson Sing ‘Kumbaya’“Someone’s blazing my Lord.”
  25. tv
    See Tommy Chong’s Dancing With the Stars DanceCo-starring Cheech Marin and a lowrider.
  26. vapers gonna vape
    Watch a Stoned Sarah Silverman Show Off Her Vape on the Red CarpetGiuliana Rancic didn’t know what to do.
  27. How the Legal Marijuana Industry Is Helping Grow Denver’s Comedy SceneComedians like Doug Benson and Stephen Colbert have been getting a lot of joke-mileage out of Colorado’s legalization of marijuana last […]
  28. weed
    Breaking: Miley Cyrus Rolls Better Blunts Than RihannaSays Mike Will Made It, anyway.
  29. game of thrones
    Watch Snoop Dogg and Seth Rogen Recap Game of Thrones HighDueling Petyr Baelish impressions.
  30. the law
    Customs Officials Didn’t Find Any Pot on Justin Bieber’s PlaneThey looked.
  31. A Funny Thing 4/20 Special: Amey Goerlich Smuggles UpOur story this week:  In honor of 4/20 we bring you international intrigue, body cavity bingo, vagina lips like hot dog buns, and so much more, […]
  32. marijuana
    Here’s History’s Latest Account of Smoking With Snoop Dogg“He rolls the blunt so quickly that I didn’t even notice him split the cigar.”
  33. Tommy Chong Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer Yesterday, the 74-year old Chong announced that he has “slow stage one” prostate cancer. He intends on treating the disease with hemp oil. […]
  34. Brian Posehn Convinces Conan to Only Smoke Pot with Two-Eyed MenDo you smoke pot? Don’t worry, I’m not a cop. You ever get so high that you find yourself hanging out with some dude named Ganja John and then […]
  35. wiz khalifa
    See a, Er, Foggy Picture of Wiz Khalifa and Adam Levine in a Recording StudioDoes Wiz have moves like Jagger? Maybe. He also has weed.
  36. snoop dogg
    See Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa With SO MUCH WEEDSnoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa went all out with the props for a High Times photo shoot.
  37. clickables
    See a Review of the Star Wars ‘Skywalker OG’ Marijuana StrainThis is real.
  38. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Zach Galifianakis Keeps Giraffes on His Pot FarmPlus, Jon Hamm might have been a little drunk on ‘The Late Late Show.’
  39. history
    How DVD Commentaries Were BornHe was horrified at the idea, but we promised we’d get him superstoned if he did, and he gave this amazing discussion about the making of ‘King Kong.’
  40. movies
    See a Pro-Marijuana Animated ShortMmm, flowers.
  41. last night on late night
    Late Night: St. Patrick’s Day Pot JokesPlus Jimmy Fallon’s drinking ballad, on our regular late-night roundup.
  42. mary jane
    Fuddy-Duddies at MPAA Saddle It’s Complicated With ‘R’ Rating Thanks to Reefer MadnessMindless violence is still a-okay with the MPAA, but smoking a joint is cause for alarm.
  43. mary jane
    Jonathan Ames Loves His Bored To Death VaporizerGuess you can chalk that up as yet another reason a good number of TV creatives choose HBO over Showtime.
  44. sushi
    Ailing Broadway Star Turns to Natural MedicineThis afternoon, TMZ posted photos of Jeremy Piven enjoying what appears to be medicinal marijuana with a supportive friend.