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  1. call me maybe
    Watch U.S. Marines’ ‘Call Me Maybe’ Lip-DubWe send our thanks to Canada.
  2. america!
    Justin Timberlake Attends Marine Corps Ball“Truly moved” by the experience initiated from YouTube invite.
  3. Betty White Crushes A Man’s DreamsSadly, Betty White’s Marine suitor Ray Lewis will not get to slow dance with the Nana of his dreams, as White had to turn down his invite to […]
  4. Betty White Asked To Marine Ball by Appropriately Reverent Sargent Another day, another service person seducing a celebrity via YouTube. In this video, Marine Sergeant Ray Lewis asks Betty White to accompany […]
  5. clickables
    See the U.S. Marines’ ‘Hold It Against Me’ LipdubBritney approves.