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  1. chat room
    Kylie Bunbury on Pitch’s Season Finale and the Future of #Bawson“Romantically speaking, people are going to be shocked.”
  2. fictional divorces
    Are Saved by the Bell’s Zack and Kelly Divorced?Even fictional marriage is hard.
  3. chat room
    Mark-Paul Gosselaar on Overeating for Pitch“I’ve always been relatively thin, and to play this role, I constantly have to think about food and eat food.”
  4. nostalgia
    Gosselaar Joins Tiffani Thiessen’s Cooking ShowNineties nostalgia is a dish best served cold.
  5. the industry
    NBC Picks Up HIMYM-Style Comedy With Mark-Paul GosselaarPeople Are Talking is a mix of single- and multi-cam.
  6. cancellations
    RIP, Franklin & BashYou were too beautiful and sweeeeeeeeeeet for this world.
  7. nostalgia
    Mark-Paul Gosselaar Creates His Own Version of Modern Saved by the BellMark-Paul Gosselaar’s “What Would Zack Morris Do in 2013?” with Paul F. Tompkins. 
  8. Zack Morris Is Coming to ‘Happy Endings’Zack Morris himself, Mark-Paul Gosselaar, has been booked on Happy Endings to play Max’s “new mysterious roommate” Chase. And speaking of Max, […]
  9. casting couch
    Frankie Muniz and Zack Morris Coming to Apt. 23For the season-two premiere, alongside James Van Der Beek.
  10. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Mark-Paul Gosselaar Thrusts His Jock, Drives Conan and Audience WildPlus: Tom Hanks has a favorite-smelling actor, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  11. mr. skin
    How About That Insane Sex Scene Between Mary-Louise Parker and Zack Morris?The two did it in extremely NSFW-style on the most recent episode of ‘Weeds.’
  12. pickup lines
    Mark-Paul Gosselaar Will Continue Not to Live Down Saved by the Bell in New SeriesIt’s called ‘Franklin & Bash.’
  13. persona non grata
    Dustin Diamond Bravely Exposes Several Instances of Typical Teenage Behavior on the Set of Saved by the BellWe admire his courage.
  14. Mark-Paul Gosselaar Shrugs Off Zack Morris to Play Mark-Paul GosselaarThis play will be both hilarious and existentially sad. Yeah, we know — ‘Saved by the Bell, Part Two.’
  15. zack morris
    Mark-Paul Gosselaar Glues On His Zack Morris Wig for Jimmy FallonPrepare to be shocked and then maybe a little saddened!
  16. quote machine
    Mila Kunis Simply Not Cut Out to Be an AssassinPlus: Zack Attack reunion possibly imminent!
  17. the early word
    Pilot Preview: TNT’s ‘Raising the Bar’ Perverts the Justice SystemIf ‘Law &Order’ and ‘Melrose Place’ had an orgy with ‘Ally McBeal,’ this would be the unholy offspring.
  18. the industry
    We Completely Forget What Hope Davis’s New Movie Is AboutPlus: Portishead!