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    Marnie Stern on Her New Album and Beef With Best Coast“I wasn’t trying to hurt anyone’s feelings, or insult anyone at all.”
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    Megan Fox Will Miss Shia, Her Transformers PantsPlus: Big Boi fails his driver’s test.
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    Marnie Stern vs. Best Coast: Leading Ladies of Indie-Rock Beef“You might as well then be an 80s hair metal band saying ‘I want pussy.’”
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    Download a Free New Marnie Stern Single, ‘For Ash’The exceptionally talented guitarist’s third album is due out October 5.
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    Marnie Stern Finally Watched the ‘Sopranos’ FinalePlus: Friendly Fires! Lupe Fiasco! Lil Jon!
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    TV on the Radio’s Last Album Born Out of Space Madness, Stimpy-Inspired Soap FightsPlus: Dee Snider weighs in on new Led Zeppelin rumors.
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    Rihanna Strikes a PosePlus: Elvis Costello and Jenny Lewis!