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Marshall Herskovitz

  1. reboots
    thirtysomething Was the Most Iconic Show of the 1980s. Now It’s Coming Back.Marshall Herskovitz and Ed Zwick are leading development on a thirtysomething reboot.
  2. news reel
    Herskovitz and Zwick Putting Quarterlife Behind Them, Returning to TVFingers crossed CBS doesn’t turn it into a procedural!
  3. the early-evening news
    Ben Silverman: ‘Quarterlife’ Was ‘So Worth a Try’Plus: The Beatles!
  4. strike zone
    NBC Buys Quarterlife, Bitsie Tulloch to Be InescapableWe predicted last week that Quarterlife’s Bitsie Tulloch would be a huge star — turns out we might actually be right about something for once.
  5. chat room
    ‘My So-Called Life’ Producer Marshall Herskovitz on How Alicia Silverstone Almost Played Angela“The minute we decided to cast Claire Danes, we had a huge problem.”