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  1. in memoriam
    The Defiant Career of Chadwick Boseman, a Hollywood KingHe had the talent to be James Brown, Jackie Robinson, Black Panther, and Stormin’ Norman. He was a chameleon and a pure actor in every sense.
  2. how to win an oscar
    Biopics Have Become Oscar Staples, But Can They Still Be Great Art?Don’t underestimate them.
  3. How the Thurgood Marshall Film Misunderstands ColorismThe well-intentioned but drab Marshall doesn’t live up to its titular character.
  4. movies
    Blade Runner 2049, Marshall Cancel Red-Carpet Premieres in Wake of Mass ShootingThe studios producing both movies have issued statements in support of those affected by the terror attack.
  5. show us the booty
    We’re Very Upset Sterling K. Brown’s ‘Booty Shot’ Got Cut From MarshallWe almost got his “full moon.”
  6. trailer mix
    Chadwick Boseman Seeks Justice in Marshall TrailerBoseman plays a young Thurgood Marshall.