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Marta Kauffman

  1. party report
    If You Only Watch One Friends Episode, Marta Kauffman Knows What It Should Be“It had heart, it was funny, it was emotional.”
  2. unagi can't turn back time
    Friends’ Showrunners Regret Two Plots, Which, As Ross Knows, Is Better Than 3“There are moments in it that I’m just going, Oh my god, we let that happen? We did it?
  3. moo points
    Just Shut Up About a Friends Reboot, It’s Never Going to HappenThe showrunners have two reasons why.
  4. in development
    Natalie Portman to Star in HBO MiniseriesBased on Karen Joy Fowler’s acclaimed novel.
  5. chat room
    Marta Kauffman on Writing for Matthew Perry“For Matthew Perry, if we underlined a word in a sentence, he would always emphasize a different word.”
  6. the industry
    Marta Kauffman: Friends Payday Was ‘Ridiculous’“Let’s be honest, that’s a lot of money.”
  7. the industry
    Thank You, Miley, for Renewing Grace and FrankieEverybody, give thanks.