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  1. make it happen
    Martha Stewart Still ‘Pissed’ Her Probation Officer Wouldn’t Let Her Host SNL“I’d like that on my résumé.”
  2. how high
    Martha Stewart: Republicans Buy Housewares TooShe will endorse her CBD gummies, though.
  3. feuds
    Martha Stewart Knows Exactly Why Gwyneth Paltrow’s Vagina Candle Sold Out“I mean, I wouldn’t buy that candle.”
  4. jailhouse frock
    Martha Stewart Is Not Impressed With Felicity Huffman’s Jail LookIf anyone should know how to style a jumpsuit in jail, it’s Martha.
  5. snoop shelby
    Peaky Blinders Fan Snoop Dogg Covers the Show’s Nick Cave Theme SongNick Cave is shaking.
  6. party report
    8 Things You See on the Time 100 Gala Red CarpetGreat gowns, beautiful gowns.
  7. new york 50th anniversary
    We Took 4 Notable New Yorkers to Revisit Their Old ApartmentsWhoopi Goldberg, Martha Stewart, Matthew Broderick, and Lauren Hutton revisit New York City apartments they once lived in.
  8. Zac Posen’s 10 Favorite BooksIncluding ones by Oscar Wilde, John Cheever, and Martha Stewart.
  9. master class
    Martha Stewart Knows Who Jonathan Cheban Is Now, and They’re FriendsShe also spills the details about that night Jason Derulo stripped down during a performance.
  10. super bowl commercials
    Snoop Dogg and Martha Stewart’s Glorious Friendship Was Used in Super Bowl AdWhat’s in Snoop’s bag?
  11. roll clip!
    Learn to Make Croquembouche From Martha Stewart, Snoop Dogg, and Jason DeruloWe also have the recipe.
  12. renewals
    Martha and Snoop’s Potluck Dinner Party RenewedStart baking the celebratory brownies.
  13. tv review
    Martha & Snoop Is Mostly a Fun ShowIt will be a lot more fun once everybody involved calms down a bit.
  14. timelines
    Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg’s Unexpectedly Adorable Friendship: A TimelineTaking “friendship goals” to a whole new level.
  15. roll clip!
    Martha Stewart Reveals Her Sexting Past During a Game of ‘Never Have I Ever’“I have used technology for a lot longer than you have.”
  16. Martha Stewart and Snoop Dogg Show Heads To VH1The world’s most beautiful platonic marriage finally gets a show.
  17. Orange Is the New Black’s Judy King Is Part Martha, Part PaulaSeparating foodie fact from fiction.
  18. last night on late night
    This Is What It’s Like to Work a Justin Bieber RoastVery stressful, lots of weed, not a lot of Justin.
  19. how festive
    Martha Stewart Made a Downton Abbey Gingerbread HouseOf course she did. 
  20. Ana Gasteyer Issues a Public Apology to Martha Stewart on ‘Late Night’It took some time, but on last night’s Late Night, Ana Gasteyer finally mustered the courage to apologize to Martha Stewart for the many times […]
  21. real talk
    Martha Stewart Thinks Gwyneth Paltrow Should Stop Trying to Be Martha StewartShe also thinks that Orange is the New Black’s Taylor Schilling was miscast.
  22. smile
    Martha Stewart Still Uses a Point-and-Shoot Camera for Her Party PicturesVisual proof from the Time 100 gala.
  23. Zach Galifianakis Interrupted ‘The Today Show’ Twice This Morning Zach Galifianakis was a guest on The Today Show this morning, and prior to his interview, he wandered on screen a couple times to interrupt […]
  24. Martha Stewart and Chelsea Handler Sell Comedy PilotsThe networks are still buying up new shows like crazy in hopes of finding new hits for their fall 2013 schedules. Deadline reports Martha […]
  25. self-improvement
    Martha Stewart to Produce Lifestyle Sitcom Inspired by Martha StewartHer “tao,” if you will.
  26. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Martha Stewart Teases Taylor LautnerPlus: Ellen DeGeneres is the nicest of them all, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  27. clickables
    See Seth Meyers Do Farm Chores on Martha Stewart’s Comedy SpecialConan can farm, too.
  28. Martha Stewart And Giggly Seth Meyers Are The New Frost/Nixon In Men Who […] The idea of sitting in Martha’s opulent patio while she grills me on how much money I make would be enough to make me break. Break down […]
  29. clickables
    Spot the Unusual Object in Martha Stewart’s TV KitchenHint: It’s on the scale.
  30. clickables
    Watch Jennifer Garner Reveal Her Secret Nickname to Martha StewartShe also tries to get Martha drunk, to no avail.
  31. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Nehru Jackets Might Force Jon Hamm to Quit Mad MenPlus, Martha Stewart gets her holiday turkeys drunk before she kills them with her bare hands, on our regular late-night roundup.
  32. katy perry
    Katy Perry to Appear in Live-Action Simpsons SegmentMartha Stewart, too.
  33. tv
    Martha Stewart Tipsily Recalls Meeting Lots of Don Drapers in Past Life As ModelThey asked her to wear bikinis! For no reason! Other than the obvious reason!
  34. quote machine
    Danny Trejo Honored Not to Have to Wear TightsPlus: You want to get close to Justin Bieber?
  35. tv
    See Big Boi Cook With Martha StewartMaking salad with Lady Martha Macaroni.
  36. party lines
    DeNiro at the Tribeca Film Festival OpeningDon’t we all?
  37. quote machine
    Heidi Montag Is Going to Be a Very Successful ScreenwriterPlus: Pierce Brosnan wasn’t a very good James Bond, says Pierce Brosnan.
  38. tv
    Ludacris and Andy Garcia Get Drunk With Martha StewartWorlds collide, so limply.
  39. martha stewart
    Martha Stewart to Perform ‘Lifestyle Makeovers’ on New Reality ShowProducer Burnett also shopping project with Palin.
  40. overnights
    Damages Goes on a BingeElectronica-fueled coke binges, excitingly linear plot progressions … this episode is a blast!
  41. quote machine
    In Addition to Looking Terrific in a Bikini, Helen Mirren Is Also ModestPlus: Jenny Lewis inspired by indoor plumbing.
  42. the take
    Why Did Warhol’s ‘Green Car Crash’ Sell?