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Martial Arts

  1. fight! fight! fight!
    Every Cobra Kai Fight You Need to RememberA refresher on the major physical confrontations, internal struggles, and personal beefs that will shape season three.
  2. kickpunch
    Cobra Kai Will Wax on for a Fourth SeasonAnd season 3 will premiere January 8.
  3. action movies
    Whatever Happened to Tony Jaa?It’s been a long time since the Thai action star has been able to show off his greatness.
  4. stage adaptations
    Jackie Chan Interested in Jackie Chan MusicalAbout Jackie Chan.
  5. The Complete Guide To Everything: Martial ArtsThis week we talk about Martial Arts, because we’ve both been endlessly fascinated by people punching and kicking each other. First, we recap […]
  6. Is This the Sh*ttiest Death Scene in the History of Film?Yes. Just the worst.