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Martin Amis

  1. book review
    DeLillo and Amis’s New Books Are Lazy Versions of Their Greatest HitsIf you’re looking to the old guard for innovation, you’re in for a disappointing reading season.
  2. Gamelife: Michael Clune’s New Gamer-Memoir ClassicAll those hours spent at the keyboard of a Commodore 64 or an Apple IIe, was any of it really fun?
  3. reading lists
    Summer’s Almost Over, So Read One of These Twelve Books AlreadyYou’ve got a little less than three weeks left until Labor Day. So pick up a book already.
  4. books
    Martin Amis On Terrorism, Pornography, Brooklyn“Embarrassingly idyllic, really. Like living in the fifties—so philoprogenitive.”
  5. praise
    Martin Amis Loves the New Don DeLillo Book“When we say that we love a writer’s work, we are always stretching the truth: what we really mean is that we love about half of it.”
  6. awards
    David Mitchell, Peter Carey Land on the Man Booker Long ListMartin Amis and Ian McEwan do not.
  7. bromance
    Martin Amis and Christopher Hitchens’s Inside Jokes Are No Funnier Than Regular People’s Inside JokesUnless you think “Stop in the Name of Hysterical Sex” is really funny.
  8. quote machine
    Blake Lively Isn’t the Least Bit Worried About Being Attracted to Alan ArkinPlus: Dakota Fanning talks about smooching her New Moon co-star, Kristin Stewart.
  9. ranters and ravers
    Did Heath Ledger Really Slag Off Philip Seymour Hoffman? The ‘Times’ Says So!The ‘Times Book Review’ includes a highly questionable quotation purported to be from Heath Ledger. Vulture calls B.S.
  10. the early-evening news
    Anti-Christmas Hero Makes Triumphant Return to Broadway!Plus: News about Batman!