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  1. the industry
    Martin Freeman Grapples With The Decision to Procreate in New FX Show BreedersFor those viewers feeling the need … the need to breed.
  2. vulture lists
    Which Emo Zombie Movie Is Right for You?A guide for channeling your ennui into thoughtful zombie dramas.
  3. How the Most Shocking Moment in Ghost Stories Came TogetherThe story behind the scene that turns horror into psycho-horror — and turns the film on its head.
  4. tribeca 2018
    Martin Freeman Pitches His New Film Cargo to Some Fancy ‘Executives’You can tell they’re executives because of their suit jackets.
  5. elementary my dear
    Benedict Cumberbatch Not a Fan of Martin Freeman’s ‘Pathetic’ Sherlock Comments“I don’t necessarily agree with that.”
  6. vulture recommends
    Ghost Stories Is Your New Must-See Horror MovieGet ready for some good old-fashioned haunts.
  7. fandom
    Martin Freeman Says Fan Expectations Ruined Sherlock for Him“It’s not a thing to be enjoyed, it’s a thing of: ‘You better f—ing do this, otherwise, you’re a c—.’ That’s not fun anymore.”
  8. chat room
    Sherlock Showrunner Steven Moffat Explains That Big Finale“Sherlock is quite a compassionate, passionate man underneath it all.”
  9. conscious uncoupling
    Amanda Abbington Discusses Martin Freeman SplitThey remain married onscreen as Dr. John and Mary Watson.
  10. roll clip!
    Will Smith and Helen Mirren Can’t Pee in PeaceEven the relative privacy of a stall won’t keep fans from listening.
  11. trailer mix
    Something’s Coming in Sherlock’s Season 4 TrailerIt’s not a game anymore.
  12. sherlock
    Sherlock Reveals 4th-Season Episode TitlesThe series returns to BBC One in January 2017.
  13. tv review
    Crackle’s StartUp Is a No GoIf you’ve seen any gritty crime dramas, then you’ve pretty much seen StartUp.
  14. trailer mix
    See Adam Brody in the StartUp TrailerTech is … bad?
  15. captain america civil war
    Martin Freeman’s Civil War Character RevealedAlso, we get a glimpse at Civil War’s new villain, Crossbones.
  16. behind the scenes
    Go Behind the Scenes of Victorian SherlockAiring January 1 on the BBC.
  17. trailer mix
    Sherlock Victorian Special Trailer: Just Wear the Damn HatThrowback … Wednesday?
  18. the industry
    Martin Freeman Joins Captain America: Civil WarIn an unknown role.
  19. on set photos
    Benedict Cumberbatch Dresses Like Original Sherlock, Looks GreatSpoiler alert.
  20. ‘SNL’ Review: Martin Freeman Comes Bearing GiftsWhile watching this weekend’s SNL hosted by first-timer Martin Freeman, I couldn’t help but wonder what the show’s original head writer Michael […]
  21. overnights
    Saturday Night Live Recap: Martin Freeman Makes a Lasting ImpressionHis journey to SNL was unexpected, but it shouldn’t have been.
  22. Kate McKinnon and Martin Freeman Have a Tea Party in These ‘SNL’ PromosMartin Freeman makes his SNL hosting debut this weekend with musical guest Charli XCX, and NBC released the first round of promos today […]
  23. snl promos
    Martin Freeman’s Saturday Night Live Promos Are British As HellCo-starring Kate McKinnon.
  24. tv
    Franco, Freeman, and Adams to Host SNLFreeman is the only first-timer.
  25. James Franco, Martin Freeman, and Amy Adams are ‘SNL’s December HostsSaturday Night Live just announced its hosts for December. The Wrap reports that James Franco will host for the third time on the December 6th […]
  26. chat room
    Billy Bob Thornton on Fargo and Ken Burns Hair“I look like a boyish devil, you know?”
  27. Here’s the First 7 Minutes of FX’s ‘Fargo’ Fargo, FX’s new anthology series loosely based on the 1996 Coen Brothers crime-comedy-drama of the same name, premieres on April 15th, and the […]
  28. Watch Bob Odenkirk and Martin Freeman in the Trailer for FX’s ‘Fargo’ FX’s new comedy-drama Fargo, which is loosely based on the Coen Brothers’ movie of the same name, premieres April 15th, and here’s the first […]
  29. trailer mix
    New Fargo Trailer: Rumor Travels Faster“What a day.”
  30. the game is a-footsies
    Send Your Special Someone a Sherlock and Dr. Watson Valentine’s Day CardFor those who want to end their evening in a cozy mind-palace for two.
  31. overnights
    Sherlock Season 3 Finale Recap: A Three-Pipe ProblemBefore embarking on yet another interminable vacation, Sherlock packs in a rewarding mystery and says hello to a familiar face.
  32. chat room
    Martin Freeman on Sherlock and FX’s Fargo“I like the fact that [the Coens] are at least onboard.”
  33. casting couch
    Martin Freeman Cast in FX’s FargoHe’ll play a small-town insurance salesman.
  34. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Mariah Carey Brought Christmas Peace to ‘Jimmy Fallon’Plus: Per Matt Damon, John Krasinski = George Clooney, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  35. ‘The Colbert Report’ Will Celebrate ‘Hobbit Week’ Next Week Noted Tolkien nerd Stephen Colbert is celebrating the release of Peter Jackson’s new Hobbit movie with a theme week on The Colbert Report […]
  36. tv review
    TV Review: Sherlock’s Joys Are Far From ElementaryThe second season of Masterpiece Mystery!’s Sherlock debuts this Sunday.
  37. trailer mix
    Swinging With the Finkels Trailer: Sex Sure Is HorribleMartin Freeman, what are you doing?
  38. clickables
    Get a First Look at Bilbo Baggins in Peter Jackson’s HobbitWelcome to the Shire, Tim Canterbury.
  39. clickables
    See the Assembled Cast of The HobbitMany of the franchise’s new players (including Martin Freeman) got together for a press conference today.
  40. chat room
    The Hobbit’s Martin Freeman on the Show That Nearly Kept Him From Middle Earth, SherlockTwo iconic books, one Jim Halpert progenitor.
  41. the hobbit
    Peter Jackson Announces Hobbit CastIt’s a nice distraction from that nasty battle he’s having with a New Zealand union.
  42. the hobbit
    Martin Freeman Still Hopes to Join Doomed Hobbit Films He Turned Down“I did have to say no to it … but if something could be worked out, that would be great.”
  43. casting couch
    Martin Freeman Could Still Be Your Bilbo BagginsPeter Jackson wants him for ‘The Hobbit’
  44. trailer mix
    Wild Target Trailer: Oh Look, It’s Another Hit Man!And he’s played by Bill Nighy.
  45. the industry
    Steven Spielberg Takes Up PiracyPlus: Blake Lively! Hayden Christensen! Martin Freeman!
  46. quote machine
    Jerry Seinfeld Takes Orders From a Higher PowerSarah Michelle Gellar, Jim Gaffigan, and more!