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  1. bless up
    Hulu’s Devil in the White City Casts Angel Keanu ReevesHe’ll also executive-produce alongside Leonardo DiCaprio and Martin Scorsese.
  2. rip
    Paul Sorvino, GoodFellas and Dick Tracy Actor, Dead at 83Known for acting as a mob boss in GoodFellas, Sorvino also loved his family, poetry, and opera.
  3. tributes
    Lorraine Bracco, Martin Scorsese, and Others Remember Ray LiottaLiotta died at the age of 67.
  4. night at the museum
    Mannequins Haunt the 2022 Met Costume Institute ExhibitStaged by Sofia Coppola, Martin Scorsese, Regina King, and six other poor souls.
  5. classic marty
    Martin Scorsese Wants Us to Watch Some Restored Movies, for FreeHis nonprofit is launching a virtual screening room, starting with the 1945 rom-com I Know Where I’m Going!
  6. happy hoffadays
    The Irishman Is a Valentine’s Day MovieAnd not just because February 14 happens to be Jimmy Hoffa’s birthday.
  7. surrender dorothy!
    Griffin Dunne Answers Every Question We Have About After HoursIt started with Martin Scorsese demanding he abstain from sex during the shoot and almost ended with Paul stuck in that sculpture.
  8. new york in your bones
    The 101 Best New York City Movies, RankedSome movies reflect the perilous reality of living here, others the urbane fantasy. The greatest do both.
  9. casting
    John Lithgow Joins Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower MoonHe’ll be joining Brendan Fraser, Leo DiCaprio, and the Plemster himself.
  10. capital-c casting
    Brendan Fraser Joins Martin Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower MoonWith Leonardo DiCaprio, Robert De Niro, and Jesse Thee Plemons.
  11. hey jesse
    Jesse Plemons, Not Leonardo DiCaprio, Will Lead Killers of the Flower MoonThough Leo is still attached.
  12. sure fran
    Fran Lebowitz Does Not Want to Watch That SNL Sketch “I don’t have any curiosity to see this.”
  13. snl
    Bowen Yang As Fran Lebowitz Is As New York As Machetes on the Subway“I love it. It’s the worst. It’s disgusting. I’ll never move.”
  14. friday night movie club
    The Exquisite Violence of The Age of InnocenceThere are no shootings or beatdowns. No one gets run over by a carriage or slapped with a glove. But there’s emotional violence. And it’s unrelenting.
  15. make martin scorsese laugh again
    Stop Doomscrolling and Watch the Fran Lebowitz Documentary Series on NetflixNeed a distraction? Here are 12 moments from Pretend It’s a City that are better than anything else on the internet right now.
  16. trailer mix
    Pretend It’s a City Trailer: Martin Scorsese Presents Fran Lebowitz’s New YorkA new Scorsese doc, coming to Netflix on January 8.
  17. friday night movie club
    Casino Is the Gaudy Pinky Ring of the Vegas Movie SubgenreI love this movie about a lot of greedy, glamorous people who are always looking for the bigger and better deal.
  18. thirst
    Martin Scorsese Posts Thirst Pics on Main(e)Now this is cinematography.
  19. hey big spender
    Apple Partners With Paramount to Produce Scorsese’s Killers of the Flower MoonMarty and Leo and Robert, oh my!
  20. auteur theory
    Martin Scorsese Is ‘Eagerly Awaiting’ Another Oscars Battle With Bong Joon HoWe have 2022 vision.
  21. backstories
    A Story of Pajamas: How Nightwear Became Essential to The IrishmanLongtime Martin Scorsese collaborators Sandy Powell and Christopher Peterson walk us through the suits, rings, knits, and nighties of their film.
  22. oscar endings
    ‘Don’t Shut the Door All the Way’: On the Ending of The IrishmanThe final scene of Martin Scorsese’s epic illustrates who Frank Sheeran is by calling to mind other mafia movies.
  23. expert testimony
    ‘Sammy the Bull’ Gravano Has a Few Goddamn Thoughts About The Irishman“It’s ridiculous.”
  24. q&a
    13-Year-Old Irishman Star Lucy Gallina Got a Lot of Good Advice From Al PacinoThe eighth-grader says she watched I Love Lucy in preparation for her role alongside Robert De Niro in Martin Scorsese’s film.
  25. he gets it
    Martin Scorsese Has Seen Clips of Joker and ‘It’s Fine’“I get it.”
  26. movies
    Robert De Niro Defends Anna Paquin’s Seven Words of Dialogue in The Irishman“She’s terrific and it resonates.”
  27. earnest pleas
    If You Even Try to Watch The Irishman on Your Phone, So Help Martin Scorsese …“A big iPad, maybe.”
  28. film vs tv
    Martin Scorsese Rejects Your Suggestion That The Irishman Would Work As TV Show“Absolutely no.”
  29. the irishman
    How Martin Scorsese and Robbie Robertson Decide on the Perfect Needle DropThe Irishman director’s longtime collaborator explains who deserves credit for some of the duo’s iconic music cues.
  30. the real story
    Who’s Who in The Irishman: A Character GuideThe most fascinating mobsters and significant bystanders in Martin Scorsese’s gangster movie, explained.
  31. vulture lists
    Every Martin Scorsese Movie, RankedAs The Irishman hits Netflix, we look back at the director’s highs and lows.
  32. movie review
    Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman Is His Most Satisfying Film in DecadesThe director has made his most stylishly daring movie: one that is pointedly sapped of style.
  33. trailer mix
    Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman Trailer: Let Robert De Niro Tell You a Story …The final trailer immerses you in a mob epic.
  34. what is cinema?
    Martin Scorsese Pens Op-Ed Unpacking Why, Exactly, Marvel Movies Are Not Cinema“That’s the nature of modern film franchises: market-researched, audience-tested, vetted, modified, revetted and remodified…”
  35. talking points
    Martin Scorsese Swears He Just Couldn’t Find the Time to Make JokerHe also has some nice words about superhero movies.
  36. i’m walking here
    See How Netflix Went All Out for The Irishman PremiereBringing a fake New York to Los Angeles.
  37. director’s cut
    Okay, Fine, Let’s Talk About MarvelWhat are Martin Scorsese and the Justice League of Aging Auteurs really rebelling against?
  38. on cinema
    Francis Ford Coppola Joins the Anti-Marvel Film ClubRight on cue, a Marvel director responds.
  39. additional shots fired
    Scorsese Doubles Down On Marvel Movie Critique: ‘We Shouldn’t Be Invaded by It’“We need cinemas to step up and show films that are narrative films.”
  40. close reads
    The Impossible Politics of JokerHow Todd Phillips’s supervillain story deliberately mixes its messages.
  41. shots fired
    Martin Scorsese Declares Marvel Movies Are ‘Not Cinema’Surprise, surprise! Marvel folks are now pissed.
  42. the uncanny valley
    So, How Is the De-Aging in The Irishman? Incredibly Impressive.The effects in Martin Scorsese’s movie are far from perfect, but — unlike this year’s Lion King remake — they actually help give the movie its soul.
  43. nyff57
    Joe Pesci, After Long Hiatus, Is Still Joe PesciA scene from The Irishman’s NYFF press conference.
  44. scorsese’s score
    First Reactions to The Irishman: Decidedly Not GoodFellasOver three hours later…
  45. deaths
    Raging Bull Screenwriter Mardik Martin Dead at 82He was a collaborator and longtime friend of Martin Scorsese.
  46. bffs
    Find Somebody Who Loves You Like Martin Scorsese Loves Adam Driver“One of the best, if not the best, actors of his generation.”
  47. the industry
    Martin Scorsese’s New Netflix Movie Isn’t Getting a Wide ReleaseThe streamer can’t stop feuding with theater chains.
  48. nyff57
    Martin Scorsese’s The Irishman Will Open the New York Film FestivalMartin Scorsese! Robert De Niro! Al Pacino!
  49. close reads
    Euphoria Is High on Scorsese’s SupplyThe influence of filmmaking’s premier poet of self-destruction courses through the HBO teens-behaving-badly series.
  50. fact check
    What Did Martin Scorsese Make Up in Rolling Thunder Revue: a Bob Dylan Story?The Netflix doc blends fact and fiction so seamlessly you might not know what to believe.
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