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    Marvel’s Luke Cage Recap: I’m a RookSeason two concludes with a major shock.
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    Luke Cage’s Simone Missick on Misty Knight and the Rise of Black Superheroes“The success of these shows is allowing people to see the humanity of black people.”
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    Marvel’s Luke Cage Recap: So Where Is It?All hell breaks loose in Harlem’s Paradise.
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    Marvel’s Luke Cage Recap: It Needs a KingSeason two begins its endgame, but not before a flashback to ‘80s Jamaica.
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    Marvel’s Luke Cage Recap: I’m FreeWild plot twists abound in an overstuffed episode guest starring Iron Fist.
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    Marvel’s Luke Cage Recap: It’s the Smart PlayThe plot takes some wild turns in season two’s most melodramatic episode.
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    Marvel’s Luke Cage Recap: We Need a Favor“If It Ain’t Rough, It Ain’t Right” forces Luke into a strange alliance.
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    Luke Cage’s Showrunner on Criticism, Black Hollywood, and That Explosive FinaleCheo Hodari Coker gets candid about the challenges and triumphs of his Netflix series.
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    In Season Two, Marvel’s Luke Cage Evolves Into a ContradictionThe Netflix superhero series takes bold risks in its second season, with mixed results.
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    Marvel’s Luke Cage Recap: It’s Not Always My FaultAs Bushmaster advances his scheme some uneasy alliances start to form.
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    Marvel’s Luke Cage Recap: We Could’ve Been BrethrenPiranha emerges as a major bargaining chip in an episode that ends with an old-fashioned showdown.
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    Marvel’s Luke Cage Recap: Harlem Rises, She Always DoesLuke’s legal woes mount as Mariah intensifies her plans for Harlem.
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    Marvel’s Luke Cage Recap: The HillLuke recovers from a beating and makes a new friend as we learn another character’s surprising secret.
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    Marvel’s Luke Cage Recap: Never PityMisty meets an old friend and Luke discovers that even the endlessly patient Claire has her limits.
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    Marvel’s Luke Cage Recap: I Thought We Were FamilyLuke’s past continues to haunt him as Mariah and Shades get desperate to make a deal.
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    Marvel’s Luke Cage Recap: Chasing Every SirenLuke tries to figure out what it means to be a hero in Harlem as the second season begins.
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    New Luke Cage Trailer Declares ‘Black Women Have Always Had Superpowers’The Fugees provide the soundtrack.
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    Luke Cage and His Hoodies Will Be Back on June 22Netflix released a teaser for season two of the Marvel series.
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    Netflix Renews Luke Cage for Season 2Hell yeah.
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    Luke Cage Season-Finale Recap: Origin StoryMisty Knight is the hero worth watching in “You Know My Steez.”
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    Luke Cage Recap: The Ballad of Luke CageThis show wants to create a hero, but it fails imagine him as a man.
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    Luke Cage Recap: Hostage SituationMisty Knight and Claire Temple should get their own Marvel show.
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    Luke Cage Recap: The Past Is PresentThis show has some of the best female characters on television.
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    Luke Cage Recap: You Ain’t HoudiniDear Marvel, please make a show about Misty Knight.
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    Luke Cage Recap: False IdolsDiamondback finally makes his grand entrance, but he’s no great villain.
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    Luke Cage Recap: Family First“Manifest” gives Luke Cage its most emotionally resonant scene yet.
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    Luke Cage’s Alfre Woodard on Mariah, Episode 7“I just wept and wept and wept whenever we had a table read.”
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    Luke Cage Recap: Hood FamousIn “Suckas Need Bodyguards,” Luke Cage slowly regains its footing.
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    Luke Cage Recap: Damaged GoodsThe real test of Luke Cage’s artistry lies in how it treats its female characters.
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    Luke Cage Recap: Wolves at the Door“Nothing humbles a man like gravity.”
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    Luke Cage Recap: Always ForwardIn “Code of the Streets,” Luke Cage finds its swagger, rhythm, and voice.
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    Luke Cage Series Premiere Recap: The Blacker the Berry“Moment of Truth” evokes the history of black art, black power, and black politics.
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    Netflix’s Luke Cage Is Told Like a Classic WesternIt’s full of clichés, but still a pleasure to watch.