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  1. comics
    What Stan Lee Meant to One of His Closest CollaboratorsPeter David remembers Stan Lee
  2. Black Panther’s Shuri Getting Her Own Spinoff Comic From Writer Nnedi Okorafor“What are thooooooose?”
  3. Stan Lee Remembers Marvel’s Steve Ditko: ‘His Talent Was Indescribable’“Steve was certainly one of the most important creators in the comic book business.”
  4. obits
    Marvel’s Steve Ditko, Co-Creator of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, Dead at 90Beyond his two most well-known superheroes, Ditko created or co-created Squirrel Girl, Mr. A, the Question and Captain Atom.
  5. marvel
    Silk, Marvel’s Korean-American Spider-Man Heroine, Might Get Her Own MovieThe one upside to all these teens getting bit by radioactive spiders.
  6. summer tv preview
    Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Is the Superhero Show of the SummerIt’s an unparalleled blend of the naturalistic and the surreal.
  7. podcast review
    Wolverine: The Long Night Is a Bold Experiment for MarvelWe’ll see where the Marvel podcast goes, but it’s off to a very promising start.
  8. sequential art
    Marvel Comics Announces ‘Fresh Start’ for Its SuperheroesBut will it represent real change?
  9. comics
    Black Panther Writer Reg Hudlin on T’Challa and the Future of Black Superheroes“White superheroes get together all the time. Why can’t black people come together and save people just the same?”
  10. a christmas story
    Method Man Wrote a Ghost Rider Christmas ComicGhost Rider takes on Krampus.
  11. review roundup
    Review Roundup: Doctor Strange Is a Trippy Delight“This is the most exciting addition to their ever-expanding universe since The Avengers.”
  12. everybody say hey ms. carter
    Who Is Agent Carter? A Brief History of the Marvel HeroineFrom comics zero to TV hero.
  13. jessica jones
    Who Jessica Jones Characters Are in the ComicsGet the backstories.
  14. origin stories
    The Legacy of X-Men’s ‘Days of Future Past’The origins of a revolutionary story arc.
  15. important questions
    Five Ways The Amazing Spider-Man Differs From the Previous FilmsIt’s arguable that this latest web-slinging film contradicts its own Hollywood canon more than any other superhero reboot.
  16. adaptations
    Disney Digging Deep into Marvel Comics Backcatalog Ever heard of Big Hero 6?
  17. the avengers
    The Avengers Rakes in $80.5 Million on Second Biggest Opening Day EverThe Hunger Games opened with “only” $68 million.
  18. kick-ass
    Kick-Ass Creator Ready to Kick Marvel’s AssMillar says they ripped off his idea for a story.
  19. suits
    House of Ideas Sued by Guy Who Came Up With ThemThe estate of Jack Kirby, co-creator of a majority of Marvel Comics’ most famous and lucrative characters, is suing Marvel to terminate copyrights and claim profits.
  20. departures
    Stuart Townsend Drops Out of ThorAt least Charlize Theron is still his girlfriend.
  21. tweens
    We Keep Getting Older, But Assassins Stay the Same AgeWhat about Red Mist?
  22. comics
    Is Marvel Comics Resurrecting Captain America a Bit Too Soon?We think the answer’s yes.
  23. comics
    SNL Comics Write Spider-Man Comic
  24. suggestions
    Can Doctor Strange Be the Next Iron Man?Yes.
  25. the water cooler
    See the Life-size ‘Watchmen’ Owlship, and Other News From Comic-Con’Tron 2,’ ‘Fringe,’ ‘Wolverine,’ and more all together at the year’s biggest Hollywood promotional event.
  26. the comics page
    What Is Dash Shaw’s Vision for ‘Ghost Rider’? Plus: An Exclusive Preview of ‘Bottomless Belly Button’Twenty pages from the acclaimed graphic novel, written and drawn by the creator featured in this week’s ‘New York.’
  27. the industry
    Get Up, Stand Up, Jonathan DemmePlus: After years of ignoring its most teen-friendly and overall awesome comics title, Marvel has finally decided to bring ‘Runaways’ to the big screen.
  28. countdown
    Which Unsung Superheroes Should Star in ‘The Avengers’?Marvel has a chance to launch some new superheroes — and superheroines.
  29. apropos of nothing
    Matthew McConaughey to Play Mellow, Bongo-Playing Captain America?Good news for pothead superhero fans everywhere!
  30. the industry
    Make a Date With ‘Iron Man 2’ in April 2010Not to mention ‘Thor,’ ‘The Avengers,’ and ‘Captain America.’
  31. the industry
    Let’s Go, Voltron Force!Plus industry news on Thor, Anne Hathaway, and Chris Farley.
  32. the take
    Are Spider-Man and Mary Jane Splitsville?Time for the media to pay attention to comics again!
  33. pop trash
    Spider-Man: Your Source for Straight Talk About Unwanted PregnancySpider-Man meets Planned Parenthood in this seventies classic.
  34. the take
    Which Villains Will Overstuff ‘Spider-Man 4’?