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  1. comics
    Art Spiegelman Says Marvel Comics Insisted He Remove Trump Critique From EssayThe Maus cartoonist withdrew his essay over Marvel’s objection to a line comparing Trump to Captain America villain Red Skull.
  2. easter eggs
    How Into the Spider-Verse Honors Stan Lee“I’m going to miss him. We were friends, you know.”
  3. comics
    What Stan Lee Meant to One of His Closest CollaboratorsPeter David remembers Stan Lee
  4. Black Panther’s Shuri Getting Her Own Spinoff Comic From Writer Nnedi Okorafor“What are thooooooose?”
  5. Stan Lee Remembers Marvel’s Steve Ditko: ‘His Talent Was Indescribable’“Steve was certainly one of the most important creators in the comic book business.”
  6. obits
    Marvel’s Steve Ditko, Co-Creator of Spider-Man and Doctor Strange, Dead at 90Beyond his two most well-known superheroes, Ditko created or co-created Squirrel Girl, Mr. A, the Question and Captain Atom.
  7. marvel
    Silk, Marvel’s Korean-American Spider-Man Heroine, Might Get Her Own MovieThe one upside to all these teens getting bit by radioactive spiders.
  8. summer tv preview
    Marvel’s Cloak and Dagger Is the Superhero Show of the SummerIt’s an unparalleled blend of the naturalistic and the surreal.
  9. podcast review
    Wolverine: The Long Night Is a Bold Experiment for MarvelWe’ll see where the Marvel podcast goes, but it’s off to a very promising start.
  10. sequential art
    Marvel Comics Announces ‘Fresh Start’ for Its SuperheroesBut will it represent real change?
  11. comics
    Black Panther Writer Reg Hudlin on T’Challa and the Future of Black Superheroes“White superheroes get together all the time. Why can’t black people come together and save people just the same?”
  12. a christmas story
    Method Man Wrote a Ghost Rider Christmas ComicGhost Rider takes on Krampus.
  13. review roundup
    Review Roundup: Doctor Strange Is a Trippy Delight“This is the most exciting addition to their ever-expanding universe since The Avengers.”
  14. everybody say hey ms. carter
    Who Is Agent Carter? A Brief History of the Marvel HeroineFrom comics zero to TV hero.
  15. 5 Things to Know About Apocalypse, the New X-Men Movie VillainHe’ll be played by Oscar Isaac.
  16. jessica jones
    Who Jessica Jones Characters Are in the ComicsGet the backstories.
  17. hail hydra
    Fox & Friends Really Doesn’t Like the New Black Captain America“Ordinary Americans” are under attack from Marvel Comics.
  18. in development
    Marvel is Developing a Damage Control SitcomThey’re the crew that cleans up after superheroes have destroyed the city.
  19. it's a marvel of a town
    Marvel Unveils NYC Covers While DC Moves to L.A.Ms. Marvel on the High Line!
  20. it's not libel if you change the name
    That Time the Avengers Battled ScientologyAmazingly, Marvel Comics didn’t get sued!
  21. comics
    Jason Momoa Is Trying to Ignite a Goddamn Nerd WarAccording to a fan at Indiana Comic-Con.
  22. friendly robots
    Who Is Vision, and Why Should You Care?Nice to see you, Vision.
  23. brand synergy
    Marvel Made a Darth Vader Comic, and It’s Surprisingly FunWriter Kieron Gillen is doing a helluva job.
  24. planes versus dinosaurs
    Exclusive: Dinosaurs Battle Biplanes in Garth Ennis Marvel Comics SeriesThe legendary comics scribe is doing a Secret Wars tie-in.
  25. prince of the city
    Daredevil Trailer Brings Marvel Back to Its Roots: New York CityThe spirit of ’60s Marvel is reborn.
  26. comics
    Here’s Why Superhero Fans Are Losing Their Minds Right NowMarvel movies are going to the promised land.
  27. it's cancelin' time
    It’s Tragic and Disappointing That Marvel Is Canceling Fantastic FourIt was likely due to petty film-licensing squabbles.
  28. new york comic con 2014
    Here’s Who Rosario Dawson’s Playing in DaredevilShe’s sort of playing two characters.
  29. forsooth!
    See the First Comics Appearance of the Female ThorAnd the first three pages of the comic, too!
  30. dreams do come true
    Grant Morrison’s Lost Miracleman Comic Is ComingFirst new Miracleman stories in 20 years!
  31. let's get cosmic
    Comics Star Ales Kot Talks Bucky Barnes, GhostsAnd we have exclusive pages from his upcoming Winter Soldier series!
  32. #donald4spiderman
    Donald Glover Is Going to Play Spider-Man (in a Cartoon, But Still)Baby steps.
  33. overthinking
    Marvel Universe Live! Is Silly and FascinatingWhy Marvel geeks should pay attention to this weird spectacle.
  34. black cats are bad luck
    Please, Sony, Don’t Let Your Spider-Man Spinoff Be a Black Cat MovieThe rumored Black Cat movie would be a step back for women.
  35. explainers
    Everything You Need to Know About ThanosA deep-dive into the space villain’s 40-year comics history.
  36. web-slinger philosophy
    Brian Michael Bendis On Comics, Online Sexism“You know what Captain America would never do? Go online anonymously and shit on a girl for having an opinion.”
  37. primer
    Where Did the Guardians of the Galaxy Come From?Meet Rocket Raccoon, Groot, Gamora, Star-Lord, and Drax the Destroyer.
  38. when bad things happen to good archetypes
    Why Does Spider-Man Keep Getting Arrested?It all makes sense if you read the comics and look at price tags.
  39. slashfic writers will be so happy
    Marvel Is Making a Female ThorAnd they announced it on The View.
  40. lost masterworks
    Alan Moore’s Lost Comic Miracleman Has ReturnedIt’s the greatest comic you’ve never read.
  41. by the the eye of agamotto!
    5 Things to Know About Doctor Strange, Marvel’s Newest Movie HeroHe’s a real doctor!
  42. origin stories
    The Legacy of X-Men’s ‘Days of Future Past’The origins of a revolutionary story arc.
  43. fan fights
    Weirdest Debate in Spider-Man History Rages OnA tale of backstabbing and physics.
  44. corn-fed american boys
    Why Captain America Is Only Interesting If He’s a PrickIt’s been done before. And it’s amazing.
  45. Meet G. Willow Wilson, the Muslim Woman Revolutionizing Superhero ComicsShe’s G. Willow Wilson, the writer of Ms. Marvel.
  46. the war on white men continues
    There Are No White Men in the Reboot of Major Marvel Comics Super-TeamGood job.
  47. diversity issues
    Marvel’s Diversity Issue: Screen Output Doesn’t Reflect Open-minded ComicsIf you judged solely by the big-budget movie and TV adaptations, you’d have no idea how accepting the source material is right now.
  48. vulture lists
    Live-Action Marvel TV Shows Before Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.Jessica Walter as a witch! Thor as a beach babe! Mutants in the grunge era!
  49. important questions
    Five Ways The Amazing Spider-Man Differs From the Previous FilmsIt’s arguable that this latest web-slinging film contradicts its own Hollywood canon more than any other superhero reboot.
  50. adaptations
    Disney Digging Deep into Marvel Comics Backcatalog Ever heard of Big Hero 6?
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