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  1. ip woes
    Judge to Ed Sheeran: Let’s Get It (This Plagiarism Trial) OnOnly a jury can settle the battle between Sheeran and the “sexual anthem” co-writer.
  2. blurred lines
    It’s Official: Robin Thicke and Pharrell Have to Pay Up Over ‘Blurred Lines’They must pay Marvin Gaye’s family nearly $5 million in damages.
  3. biopicked
    Dr. Dre Is Bringing You a Marvin Gaye MovieAin’t nothing like the real thing, but a biopic would get you pretty close.
  4. Why Robin Thicke and Pharrell Lost Their ‘Blurred Lines’ AppealAnd what it might mean for the music industry’s future.
  5. lawsuits
    Court Rules That ‘Blurred Lines’ Lawsuit Wasn’t Actually That BlurryBut T.I. managed to escape with his fortune intact.
  6. art therapy
    In Case You Forgot: Brad Pitt, Sculptor, Has Excellent Taste in MusicBrad Pitt is moody and in the studio and listening to Frank Ocean and Marvin Gaye.
  7. chat room
    How Weird Al Removed the Misogyny of ‘Blurred Lines’ by Adding Grammar LessonsWeird Al Yankovic explains how he took Pharrell and Robin Thicke’s rape-y hit and made a nerdy blast.
  8. good one podcast
    Weird Al on Turning Pharrell & Robin Thicke’s ‘Blurred Lines’ Into ‘Word Crimes’Weird Al discusses the intricacies of his process on Vulture’s Good One: A Podcast About Jokes.
  9. biopics
    Jamie Foxx Is Making an Authorized Limited Series About Marvin GayeIt’s the first semi-biopic to get the Gaye family’s approval.
  10. docs
    Marvin Gaye’s Family Has Finally Authorized a Documentary About His Life It’ll feature interviews and never-before-seen archival footage.
  11. lawsuits
    Marvin Gaye’s Son Plans to Sue Over EmpireMarvin Gaye III claims he came up with the show five years ago.
  12. blurred lines
    ‘Blurred Lines’ Is Here to StayA judge has found both T.I. and Universal Music liable for copyright infringement.
  13. court
    Thicke’s, Pharrell’s Lawyers Pursue New ‘Blurred Lines’ TrialThey say the jury’s verdict was inconsistent.
  14. blurred lines
    Pharrell Williams Says ‘Blurred Lines’ Ruling Handicaps Creators“There was no infringement.”
  15. blurred lines
    Marvin Gaye’s Family Is Coming After T.I. and the Record Labels, TooThey’re not done yet.
  16. for the record
    Marvin Gaye’s Kids Wrote an Open Letter About the ‘Blurred Lines’ TrialThey imagine how their father would’ve reacted.
  17. lawsuits
    Pharrell’s ‘Happy’ Might Face the Wrath of Marvin Gaye’s Family, TooWill Marvin Gaye’s family strike again?
  18. lawsuit
    A Copyright Expert Explains the ‘Blurred Lines’ RulingWhen homage becomes theft.
  19. lawsuits
    The Gaye Family Wants to Bury ‘Blurred Lines’They’re seeking an injunction to prevent further sales of the song.
  20. lawsuits
    Robin Thicke and Pharrell Lose ‘Blurred Lines’ Plagiarism LawsuitThey now owe Marvin Gaye’s family $7.3 million.
  21. the law
    Marvin Gaye v. ‘Blurred Lines’ Will Go to TrialA judge denied Robin Thicke and Pharrell’s motion for a summary judgment.
  22. music
    Robin Thicke Unleashes the Afroman Defense in ‘Blurred Lines’ Deposition“I didn’t do a single interview last year without being high.”
  23. the law
    And Now Marvin Gaye’s Family Will Sue Robin ThickeFor multiple copyright infringements.
  24. comings and goings
    Jesse L. Martin Will Play Marvin Gaye After AllOusting Lenny Kravitz.
  25. casting
    Lenny Kravitz Is Set to Star in Marvin Gaye BiopicIn a movie.
  26. vulture lists
    Adele’s Ex-Boyfriend and 12 Other Jerks Who Deserved to Be Called Out in Breakup SongsThe most deserved musical shamings, rated by the horribleness of the ex in question and the level of revenge achieved.
  27. the industry
    Jesse L. Martin and James Gandolfini Administer a Little ‘Sexual Healing’Plus industry news on Jemaine Clement, Sam Rockwell, and Clive Barker.
  28. right-click
    Regina Spektor Wishes You a Happy New Year, Sort ofPlus: Ryan Adams, possibly drunk!