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  1. the kavanaugh hearings
    Samuel L. Jackson Approves of That Pulp Fiction/Brett Kavanaugh Hearing Mash-UpHope you and your business partner enjoyed it immensely.
  2. vmas 2018
    Can You Spot Post Malone in This Aerosmith VMAs Performance?It’s a Where’s Waldo: rock-rap star edition.
  3. 39 Egg-cellent Scenes in Film and TelevisionThat’s all, yolks!
  4. mash-ups
    DJ Earworm’s 2017 United State of Pop Proves Only One Song Mattered This YearThe mash-up king has spoken.
  5. last night on late night
    Late Show With Stephen Colbert Makes a Sean Spicer Muppet Mash-up SongPhenomenal.
  6. fake news
    9 Songs That Could Exist If Faith Hill Made a Duets Album With BiggieCNN erroneously tweeted that Hill and Biggie would have a duets album, but what if they did?
  7. Chainsmokers Embrace the Nickelback Comparison Thrown at Them With a Mash-upThe duo made a mash-up of “Paris” and “How You Remind Me.”
  8. mash-ups
    Chance the Rapper’s ‘No Problem’ Gets Some Chicago-Biased World Series Flavor“WORLD SERIES NO PROBLEM.”
  9. mashup heaven
    Hear Stranger Things & Twin Peaks Mash-up Theme“Stranger Peaks” doubles down on the synth.
  10. roll clip!
    Here’s What The People v. Kanye Would Look LikeYeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy.
  11. mashups
    Dag, Does This HamiltonStar Trek Mash-up Amaze and AstonishI am not throwing away my Spock.
  12. mashups
    Watch Iconic Film Characters Party TogetherA second installment in which your favorite film characters are edited together into one party scene.
  13. vulture remix
    Watch Making a Murderer With Homer Simpson As the AccusedOur latest Vulture Remix.
  14. vulture remix
    Watch the Modern-Day-TV Flash Do Battle With the TV Flash From 1990Our latest Vulture Remix.
  15. mashups
    Jimmy Kimmel Presents HBO’s Sesame StreetGirlsNow that they’re both on HBO.
  16. mash-ups
    A Parks and Rec/Guardians of the Galaxy Mash-UpSee what it would look like if more of his Pawnee peers followed him to Marvel.
  17. mash-ups
    Listen to the Carly Rae Jepsen–Nine Inch Nails Mash-Up of Your Dreams“Head Like a Hole” + “Call Me Maybe” = “Call Me a Hole”
  18. clickables
    Watch a Massive Community Dance RemixIt’s almost back!
  19. amour
    Watch an AmourGolden Girls Mash-UpAnd it’s surprisingly dark.
  20. Watch an Epic Beatles–Led Zeppelin Mash-UpListen up, cool dads!
  21. Watch a Django UnchainedBlazing Saddles Mash-UpMel Tarantino is real!
  22. Naturally, Here’s a HobbitHunger Games Mash-UpAnd not one braid in sight.
  23. Listen to a Rihanna–Big Ang Mash-UpThey’re beautiful, like diamonds in the sky.
  24. dj earworm
    Hear DJ Earworm’s 2012 United State of PopVintage Ellie Goulding? Seems about right.
  25. star trek into darkness
    Watch an Excellent Star Trek Into DarknessToy Story 3 Mash-UpMash-ups featuring movies that haven’t come out yet? Welcome to 2012.
  26. Watch Jurassic Creature ComfortsWait, that’s not clay.
  27. downton abbey
    Downton Abbey Men Do Breaking BadBreaking Abbey, ladies and gentlemen.
  28. louie
    Watch a Louie–‘Charlie Brown’ Mash-UpHe’s certainly rough on Lucy.
  29. What If Breaking Bad Were Shot Like The Wire?Everyone’s talking about this show mash-up!
  30. Watch an Excellent Mashup: It’s Always Sunny in HomelandSo many papers!
  31. Watch Breaking Bad As a Lifetime MovieWe’d watch ‘em.
  32. game of thrones
    Watch Another Episode of Game of Thrones–Meets-SeinfeldWhich one’s Newman?
  33. Watch an American Horror StoryHappy Endings MashupWe’d watch it.
  34. the hobbit
    A GooniesHobbit Mash-Up? Why Not?Two movies, one mash-up.
  35. girls
    What If Girls Were on the WB, Oh, Eight or So Years Ago?Miss you, aughts!
  36. game of thrones
    Watch Game of Thrones Meet Seinfeld in a Hilarious Mash-UpWell, they got Kramer right.
  37. Epic Mash-Up: 93 Days, 93 Musical NotesKids make the darndest mash-ups!
  38. drive
    Watch a Mash-Up of Mario Kart and DriveThe mustache makes it.
  39. breaking bad
    Today’s Three Outstanding Breaking Bad Mash-Up Memes Are …Chavril FTW.
  40. parks and recreation
    Tony Stark Meets Parks and Rec’s Tom HaverfordStark and Recreation.
  41. mashups
    See a Buster Bluth Goosebumps NovelIt is the haunting story of a one-armed man terrorized by a witch.
  42. argo
    A FargoArgo Mash-Up? Yes, PleaseAn Affleck-Coen production.
  43. mashups
    See This Fall’s Horror TV As Goosebumps CoversWe would totally read these.
  44. game of thrones
    A Wiz Khalifa–Game of Thrones Mash-Up? Sure, Why Not?And it’s visually accurate.
  45. community
    Community Meets The Breakfast ClubWhy didn’t we think of that?
  46. Watch ‘Dexter Morgan’s Laboratory’Or, basically, Ren & Stimpy.
  47. happy endings
    Happy Endings Gets Mashed Up, Auto-TunedHappy Endings gets Internet’d.
  48. breaking bad
    Breaking BadMy Two Dads Mash-UpSo much better without Paul Reiser.
  49. Finally, a The Wire–Inspired Game of Thrones–Style CrestAll hail Omar!
  50. taylor swift
    Download ‘We Are Never Ever Coming Home Again,’ A Kanye–Taylor Swift MashupAnd we don’t do mashups unless they’re really special.
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