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  1. the kavanaugh hearings
    Samuel L. Jackson Approves of That Pulp Fiction/Brett Kavanaugh Hearing Mash-UpHope you and your business partner enjoyed it immensely.
  2. vmas 2018
    Can You Spot Post Malone in This Aerosmith VMAs Performance?It’s a Where’s Waldo: rock-rap star edition.
  3. 39 Egg-cellent Scenes in Film and TelevisionThat’s all, yolks!
  4. mash-ups
    DJ Earworm’s 2017 United State of Pop Proves Only One Song Mattered This YearThe mash-up king has spoken.
  5. last night on late night
    Late Show With Stephen Colbert Makes a Sean Spicer Muppet Mash-up SongPhenomenal.
  6. fake news
    9 Songs That Could Exist If Faith Hill Made a Duets Album With BiggieCNN erroneously tweeted that Hill and Biggie would have a duets album, but what if they did?
  7. Chainsmokers Embrace the Nickelback Comparison Thrown at Them With a Mash-upThe duo made a mash-up of “Paris” and “How You Remind Me.”
  8. mash-ups
    Chance the Rapper’s ‘No Problem’ Gets Some Chicago-Biased World Series Flavor“WORLD SERIES NO PROBLEM.”
  9. mashup heaven
    Hear Stranger Things & Twin Peaks Mash-up Theme“Stranger Peaks” doubles down on the synth.
  10. roll clip!
    Here’s What The People v. Kanye Would Look LikeYeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy.
  11. mashups
    Dag, Does This HamiltonStar Trek Mash-up Amaze and AstonishI am not throwing away my Spock.
  12. mashups
    Watch Iconic Film Characters Party TogetherA second installment in which your favorite film characters are edited together into one party scene.
  13. vulture remix
    Watch Making a Murderer With Homer Simpson As the AccusedOur latest Vulture Remix.
  14. vulture remix
    Watch the Modern-Day-TV Flash Do Battle With the TV Flash From 1990Our latest Vulture Remix.
  15. mashups
    Jimmy Kimmel Presents HBO’s Sesame StreetGirlsNow that they’re both on HBO.
  16. last night on late night
    Kimmel Mashed Up Game of Thrones & Sesame StreetTo prepare for the puppets’ move to HBO.
  17. mashups
    This Supercut of the Year’s Best Films Has Finally Made George Gershwin SexyJoe Manganiello, you are a work of art.
  18. lionel richie
    Hello, Was It an Adele and Lionel Richie Duet You Were Looking For? Landlines and flip phones, oh my.
  19. Chewbacca As Voiced by Peter Griffin Will Give You AnxietyApologies to Peter Mayhew.
  20. mashups
    Enjoy This Stupid, Genius Star Wars/It’s Always Sunny Mash-UpWas the Dayman a Jedi?
  21. videology
    Hot Chip Cover Springsteen & LCD SoundsystemThe songs belong together.
  22. Stanley Kubrick Stalks Jimmy Stewart in This Brilliant Short FilmHeeeeeeere’s Stanley!
  23. vulture remix
    Documentary Trailer Asks: Was Steve Jobs a Vampire Hunter?Find out in our latest Vulture Remix.
  24. mashups
    Someone Finally Mashed Up Kanye With Weezer and Made YeezerThis was inevitable.
  25. The Weeknd Meets Daft Punk in a Groovy Mash-UpIt’s a Canadian goth R&B French-electronica meet-cute.
  26. mashups
    WALL-E Finds His Badass Side in This Great Martian Mash-UpIntroducing WHATN-E, the robot botanist.
  27. vulture remix
    Watch Suicide Squad Become The Dirty DozenOur latest Vulture Remix!
  28. roll clip!
    Star Wars, Daft Punk Combine in Musical TributeDarth Punk.
  29. roll clip!
    Watch Muppets Rap N.W.A’s ‘Express Yourself’Reintroducing Muppetz Wit Attitudes.
  30. mash-ups
    Witness This Wild Mad MaxAdventure Time Mash-UpWhat time is it? Madventure Time!
  31. vulture remix
    Watch Howard the Duck Get a (Fake) Big-Budget RebootIt’s our latest “Vulture Remix.”
  32. vulture remix
    Watch Doug Funnie From Doug Sing Fetty Wap’s ‘Trap Queen’The latest Vulture Remix.
  33. vulture remix
    True Detective Is Way Better Mashed Up With Starsky and HutchThe latest “Vulture Remix” addresses all your muscle-car needs.
  34. mashups
    Here’s a Badass Inside OutInception Mash-UpLittle voices, big noises.
  35. vulture remix
    Vulture Remix: Watch Magic Mike XXL As a ’70s X-Rated FlickThe first episode in our new “Vulture Remix” series!
  36. mashups
    Tin Man Gets a Heart of Darkness in this Avengers Mash-UpThe Avengers of Oz: Age of Tin Man marries the superhero epic with the classic fantasy film.
  37. covers
    Pentatonix Covered All of Michael Jackson’s Hits in Just 6 MinutesThey’re back!
  38. mashups
    Watch This UnbreakableKimmy Schmidt Mash-UpIt’s a miracle!
  39. mashups
    See a Game of Thrones–‘Too Many Cooks’ Mash-UpWith Steve from corporate, too!
  40. mashups
    McConaughey Had the Best Star Wars ReactionSo many tears.
  41. mashups
    What Happens When Orphan Black Meets Multiplicity?Get it? There are so many clones.
  42. mashups
    Chewbacca Finally Gets the Louie Opening Credits He DeservesThanks, rhyming!
  43. mashups
    That Spelling-Bee Kid Could’ve Used KendrickBet he would’ve had a much easier time spelling negus.
  44. summer movie preview 2015
    Watch This 1995-Style Avengers TrailerComing soon to VHS!
  45. mash-ups
    This NIN-‘I Really Like You’ Mash-Up Is Too Good“I Really Like a Hole.”
  46. mashups
    Superman Plus San Andreas Equals SupermandreasRotoscoping FTW.
  47. mashups
    Kendrick Lamar Meets the Seinfeld Theme Song“To Pimp a Seinfeld.”
  48. mashups
    What If the Princess Bride Bedtime Story Were Game of Thrones?It would be incredibly inappropriate for children.
  49. wednesdays am i right
    The Dinosaurs’ Dad Does a Mean Notorious B.I.G.Biggie, Biggie, Biggie.
  50. mash-ups
    X-Men Receive Wes Anderson Treatment in Spot-on Fan-Made Mash-upColors, mutants, pretension! Yum!
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