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  1. girls
    What If Girls Were on the WB, Oh, Eight or So Years Ago?Miss you, aughts!
  2. game of thrones
    Watch Game of Thrones Meet Seinfeld in a Hilarious Mash-UpWell, they got Kramer right.
  3. Epic Mash-Up: 93 Days, 93 Musical NotesKids make the darndest mash-ups!
  4. drive
    Watch a Mash-Up of Mario Kart and DriveThe mustache makes it.
  5. breaking bad
    Today’s Three Outstanding Breaking Bad Mash-Up Memes Are …Chavril FTW.
  6. parks and recreation
    Tony Stark Meets Parks and Rec’s Tom HaverfordStark and Recreation.
  7. mashups
    See a Buster Bluth Goosebumps NovelIt is the haunting story of a one-armed man terrorized by a witch.
  8. argo
    A FargoArgo Mash-Up? Yes, PleaseAn Affleck-Coen production.
  9. mashups
    See This Fall’s Horror TV As Goosebumps CoversWe would totally read these.
  10. game of thrones
    A Wiz Khalifa–Game of Thrones Mash-Up? Sure, Why Not?And it’s visually accurate.
  11. community
    Community Meets The Breakfast ClubWhy didn’t we think of that?
  12. Watch ‘Dexter Morgan’s Laboratory’Or, basically, Ren & Stimpy.
  13. happy endings
    Happy Endings Gets Mashed Up, Auto-TunedHappy Endings gets Internet’d.
  14. breaking bad
    Breaking BadMy Two Dads Mash-UpSo much better without Paul Reiser.
  15. Finally, a The Wire–Inspired Game of Thrones–Style CrestAll hail Omar!
  16. taylor swift
    Download ‘We Are Never Ever Coming Home Again,’ A Kanye–Taylor Swift MashupAnd we don’t do mashups unless they’re really special.
  17. Ladies and Gentlemen, Matilda SwintonIt’s Friday, what do you want from us?
  18. mash-up
    Watch the Obvious Mashup, ‘Bad Boyz II Men in Black’Martin Lawrence really feels it.
  19. glee
    Listen to a Britney Spears–Justin Bieber Mashup to Appear on GleeTwo generations, one sexy coo.
  20. my little pony
    Revel in an Epic, Obvious My Little Pony–Ginuwine MashupThat’s one horny pony.
  21. here comes honey boo boo
    Watch Honey Badger Narrate Honey Boo BooThe mash-up you’ve been waiting for.
  22. breaking bad
    Watch Another Breaking BadCurb Your Enthusiasm Mash-UpThat Walter White is hilarious!
  23. inception
    A When Harry Met SallyInception Mash-up? Yes, Please!Christopher Nolan does pastrami on rye.
  24. scissor sisters
    Behold the Gayest Thing Ever, a Jem–Scissor Sisters MashupHow many of you want to have a kiki? And how many of you know what a kiki is?
  25. clickables
    See Breaking Bad’s Seinfeld-Like Spin-off, PinkmanWhat’s the deal with those scabby lasagnas?
  26. star wars
    Watch Star Wars’ Opening Credits in Style of 30 Rock’sLooks like we’re done here.
  27. baby got back
    Watch ‘Baby Got Back’ As Sung by 295 MoviesBecause why shouldn’t this exist?
  28. call me maybe
    Listen to That Carly Rae Jepsen–Khia Mash-Up You Didn’t Ask ForHer neck, her back, lick her ***** and her *****, maybe?
  29. call me maybe
    Watch a Star Trek–‘Call Me Maybe’ Mash-UpSo this took some time, huh?
  30. taken
    Watch ‘Taken Nemo,’ a Finding NemoTaken Mash-UpUnderwater caper!
  31. notorious big
    Hear Biggie Smalls Meet Thomas the Tank EngineCome on, ride the train.
  32. office space
    Watch an Office SpaceMatrix Mash-UpIs this good for the company?
  33. bob's burgers
    See a Bob’s BurgersBreaking Bad Mash-Up PosterSo many Bs!
  34. call me maybe
    Listen to a Gotye–Carly Rae Mash-UpHonestly, it was bound to happen.
  35. justin bieber
    Watch a Very Good ’N Sync–Justin Bieber Mash-UpWho’s your boyfriend?
  36. mash-ups
    Listen to ‘Call Me Maybe,’ the Star Wars EditionPeople with too much time (and awesomeness) on their hands.
  37. batman
    Watch ‘Breaking Batman,’ Which Is Exactly What You Think It IsWalt Jr. as James Gordon? Obviously.
  38. dark knight rises
    Watch a Dark Knight RisesDragon Tattoo Mash-UpCan Seal still do the music?
  39. ice age continental drift
    Watch an Ice AgeDark Knight Rises Mash-UpWe’d see it.
  40. spider-man
    Check Out a Cute Spider-Man–Scott Pilgrim Mash-Up PosterWe’d watch it.
  41. superheroes
    Watch Super Golden Friends, a Golden Girls–Superhero Mash-UpBea Arthur looks gorgeous!
  42. chuck norris
    Watch the Trailer for Chuck Norris: The Movie, Which We Wish Were RealOn second thought, the trailer is enough.
  43. john hughes
    Watch ‘Hughes the Force,’ a John Hughes–Star Wars Fan FilmWhile you’re at it, keep your eyes peeled for Kevin Smith.
  44. carly rae jepsen
    Listen to Carly Rae Jepsen–Annie Lennox Mash-UpAlso, this is the best. The. Best.
  45. dandy warhols
    Hear an Unpredictably Awesome Ce Ce Peniston–Dandy Warhols Mash-UpYou
  46. the avengers
    HangoverAvengers MashupIf you’re looking for Pina, this ain’t it.
  47. kill bill
    Watch a Chronological Mashup of Kill Bill (and Kill Bill 2)Get Tarantino’d!
  48. star trek
    Watch 56 Episodes of Star Trek Played at OnceGrab your Adderall.
  49. star wars
    Hot Problems, ‘Party With My Friends’Not a bad way to make a music video, is it?
  50. mashups
    Every Zoom in The ShiningHere’s Johnny, synchronized!
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