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  1. mashups
    Watch a Mashup of Famous Movie Scenes and … Cat VideosFYI, this is how we live now.
  2. mad men
    Watch ‘Walking Dead Mad Men,’ the Mashup You Need in Your LifeBut where’s Miss Blankenship?
  3. mashups
    Watch There Will Be Blood, As Inspired by 2001: A Space OdysseyPTA meets 2001.
  4. alan cumming
    Hear Alan Cumming’s Impressive Mash-Up of Adele, Katy Perry, and Lady GagaIf anyone’s going to make Katy Perry sound cerebral, it’s Alan Cumming.
  5. mashups
    Watch Every Itchy and Scratchy Bit to Ever Appear on The SimpsonsAnd it’s only 48 minutes.
  6. mashups
    Watch a Mashup of All the Breaking Glass in Total RecallWe’re going to need more glass.
  7. lethal weapon
    Watch a Mash-Up of Movie Characters Saying ‘I’m Too Old for This Sh*t’A quarter-century after Danny Glover said it in Lethal Weapon, everyone’s still saying it!
  8. lana del rey
    Download Born Ready to Die, an Album of Lana Del Rey and Notorious B.I.G. Mash-Ups“Gangsta Nancy Sinatra” meets the real thing.
  9. downton abbey
    Watch ‘Eastbound and Downton,’ the Mash-Up You’ve Been Waiting ForObviously.
  10. mashups
    See a Breaking Bad–Steve Urkel Mash-UpLadies and gentlemen, your new desktop.
  11. game of thrones
    Check Out a Collection of the Best Game of Thrones Mash-UpsOh, yes, the Goonies are on hand.
  12. mashups
    Watch a Point BreakFerris Bueller’s Day Off Mash-UpOr Point: Bueller.
  13. televisionography
    Watch Televisionography, a Mash-Up That Tells One Story Through Clips From 70 ShowsBlowing our minds right now.
  14. mashups
    Watch ‘Tra$h Ma$h,’ a Mash-Up of Pop Songs Sung by Fancy Choir Australian VoicesIt’s official: You’ll never hear Ke$ha the same way again.
  15. one for the money
    Watch a Mash-Up Proving One for the Money and The Bounty Hunter Are the Same MovieMovies are like this now.
  16. mad men
    See a Star WarsMad Men Mash-Up“Don, I am your father.” Darth Vader or Bert Cooper?
  17. we need to talk about kevin
    Watch a Mash-Up of We Need to Talk About Kevin and Home AloneAs great as this is, how much would you love to see a Home Alone movie starring Tilda Swinton? It’s never too late …
  18. dark knight rises
    Watch a Lion KingDark Knight Rises Mash-UpMichael Caine as a tropical bird? Yes, please!
  19. clickables
    Gaze Upon a Downton Abbey/American Gothic Mash-UpStarring Mary and Cousin Matthew.
  20. clickables
    Watch ‘Rolling in the Beats,’ a Live Music-Video Mash-UpA double mash-up, really.
  21. clickables
    Check Out Pogo’s New Mighty Boosh Mash-UpNow with real people.
  22. clickables
    Grab the Latest White Panda Mash-Up, ‘Mo Money, Mo Fallin’Tom Petty meets Biggie meets your ears.
  23. clickables
    Watch a Hypnotic, Rhyming Movie-Quote Mash-UpJordan Laws makes poetry (or at least catchy fake rap) out of your favorite movie quotes.
  24. clickables
    See Jaws Reimagined With Peanuts CharactersHappiness is needing a bigger boat.
  25. clickables
    Watch the Trailer for ‘Cable Guy With the Dragon Tattoo’Trent Reznor and Karen O’s “Immigrant Song” is the new Inception soundtrack.
  26. clickables
    Watch Home Alone Retold in the Style of Harry PotterKevin McAllister: The Boy Who Lived.
  27. clickables
    Jam Out to a Three-Minute, 39-Song Live Pop Mash-UpPlus some shiny lights.
  28. George C. Scott Can’t Handle the Jack and Jill Trailer This mashup of the horrorshow Jack and Jill trailer and a scene from 1979’s Hardcore, in which George C. Scott discovers that his missing […]
  29. clickables
    Listen to the Fugazi/Wu-Tang Clan Mash-Up You’ve Been Waiting ForThe second mash-up combining the post-hardcore band with the hip-hop collective.
  30. clickables
    Grab the Latest DJ Earworm Mash-Up, ‘Party on the Floor’Featuring a bunch of U.K. pop stars … and J.Lo.
  31. clickables
    Grab Teenpop, Lock, and Drop Vol. 1, a Collection of Nineties Teenybopper RemixesListen now, there’s no time to lose.
  32. clickables
    Watch the Trailer for ‘500 Days of Britta,’ a Community Rom-Com’500 Days of Summer’ meets Jeff and Britta.
  33. clickables
    Watch ‘Friday x Friday,’ One of the Better Rebecca Black Mash-UpsStarring Ice Cube and Chris Tucker.
  34. clickables
    Watch the Disney Princesses Kick Ass in a Sucker Punch Mash-UpMore weapons for princesses, please!
  35. clickables
    Watch 36 Simultaneous Hitchcock Movie DeathsIt’s hard to look away from the strangling in the bottom row.
  36. clickables
    Watch ‘From Vegas With Love,’ a Bond-Hangover Mash-UpIt’s 007 versus the Wolfpack.
  37. clickables
    Listen to the Glorious Charlie Sheen ‘I’m Winning’ Mash-UpDuh!
  38. clickables
    Watch a Triumphant Beethoven–Wicker Man Mash-UpSing along at home!
  39. clickables
    Hear, Download ‘Sprawl of Glass,’ a Predictable Arcade Fire–Blondie Mash-UpPleasing!
  40. clickables
    Hear Girl Talk Mashed Up With Girl TalkIt’s ‘Nightripper’ vs. ‘All Day.’
  41. clickables
    Watch a Moving Mash-Up of Wall-E and Good Will HuntingIt’s not your fault, Wall-E.
  42. clickables
    See the Calvin & HobbesFight Club Theory Made Real, FinallyWhoa.
  43. clickables
    Watch ‘Eternal Inception of the Spotless Mind,’ Yet Another Inception Mash-UpIncepted!
  44. clickables
    Watch a Ridiculous Mash-Up of Fiddler on the Roof and You Got ServedRidiculous and also pretty funny.
  45. clickables
    Watch the Definitive Pixar Movie MashupOh, tears.
  46. clickables
    Hear ‘Don’t Stop the Pop,’ D.J. Earworm’s 2010 RemixIt’s here, it’s here, it’s finally here!
  47. clickables
    Hear a Mash-Up of ‘Dancing On My Own’ and Glee’s ‘Teenage Dream’Dance it out.
  48. clickables
    Hear ‘Too Many Earworms,’ a German 2010 Pop Mash-UpIt’s Germany’s answer to D.J. Earworm.
  49. clickables
    See Mad Men Recut As (More of) a Psycho-ThrillerDon’t cross Pete Campbell.
  50. clickables
    Watch an Oddly Effective Tom Hanks–Dr. Dre Mash-UpWhy not?
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