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  1. mashups
    This Beck-Beyoncé Mash-Up Works Way Better Than It Should“Single Loser (Put a Beck on It).”
  2. mashups
    Oh My God, This ‘Boyhood Meets World’ Mash-Up Is PerfectTears. 
  3. music
    DJ Earworm’s 2014 United States of Pop Is Here!Who knew this year had so many saxophones?
  4. mash-ups
    Watch a Gilmore Girls/Twin Peaks Opening-Credits Mash-Up“Lead Me to Twin Peaks.”
  5. mash-ups
    What If Guardians of the Galaxy Were Lego?The rise of Chris Pratt appears to be unstoppable.
  6. vulture originals
    See the Entire Cast of Girls in Peter PanWith Elijah as Tick-Tock the Crocodile.
  7. mash-ups
    A Parks and Rec/Guardians of the Galaxy Mash-UpSee what it would look like if more of his Pawnee peers followed him to Marvel.
  8. mash-ups
    This Boyhood-Apes Mash-Up Is Totally PerfectIt will warm your primate heart.
  9. video
    Someone Made an ’80s Retro Version of the Game of Thrones IntroWesteros meets Whitesnake.
  10. revisionist history
    See a Video That ‘Fixes’ the Game of Thrones FightSimply the best. 
  11. mashups
    Watch OITNB With Arrested Development’s Credits“This is the story of a wealthy girl who lost everything …”
  12. mashups
    Watch a Hilarious Godzilla Mash-Up … Starring BeyoncéBeware of Sasha Fierce.
  13. mashups
    Watch an Alternate Ending to Tyrion Lannister’s Game of Thrones SpeechAnd a Law & Order: Game of Thrones spinoff.
  14. mashups
    Watch What Happens When Mad Men Meets Se7enSpoilers for this week’s episode of Mad Men.
  15. mashups
    Watch Frozen Re-Cut As a Horror Film Shiver.
  16. otps
    What The Mindy Project Can Learn From Gilmore GirlsDanny and Mindy are Luke and Lorelai.
  17. mashups
    Soderbergh Edited 2 Versions of Psycho Into 1Because he can, because he’s Steven Soderbergh.
  18. mtv unplugged
    Watch a Miley & Madonna Mash-up From UnpluggedDon’t ever tell them to stop.
  19. mashups
    Watch a Her Trailer With Philip Seymour Hoffman As the Voice of SamanthaIt kind of works?
  20. best of 2013
    Video: Watch D.J. Earworm’s 2013 Music Mash-UpKaty, Macklemore, Britney, Miley, and Lorde.
  21. mashups
    See The Walking Dead As Dawson’s CreekContains spoilers from last night’s episode.
  22. mashups
    Sleepy Hollow’s Secret Formula: A Bunch of Great Shows Rolled Into OneA little X-Files, a little American Horror Story. And maybe Lost.
  23. mash-ups
    Watch This Breaking BadNeed for Speed Mash-UpRemember all those jokes you made last night?
  24. mash-ups
    Maybe You Recognized Kanye’s Dance Moves From Living Single?Good job, Issa Rae.
  25. mash-ups
    Watch Walter White Perform Frank Sinatra’s ‘My Way’Well, kind of.
  26. mashups
    Watch a Fat Albert/Blurred Lines Mash-Up“Hey, hey, hey!”
  27. mash-ups
    Listen to ‘Blurred Lines’ Mashed Up With the Growing Pains Theme Song#THICKE.
  28. The ‘Blurred Lines"/’Cosby Show’ Mashup You Wanted Is Here NYC-based comedy group Garlic Jackson finally made the “Blurred Lines”/Cosby Show opening credits mashup that the internet has been building […]
  29. the golden state
    Watch Mad Men Reimagined As The O.C.California, California, here we come.
  30. the princess bride
    Princess BrideGame of Thrones Wedding Mash-upYet another happy day ruined.
  31. mashups
    Watch Our Definitive Game of Thrones Gilly–SNL Gilly Mash-UpSorry.
  32. mash-ups
    See Game of Thrones As Arrested DevelopmentWho’s more messed up: the Starks or the Bluths?
  33. mash-ups
    Listen to the Carly Rae Jepsen–Nine Inch Nails Mash-Up of Your Dreams“Head Like a Hole” + “Call Me Maybe” = “Call Me a Hole”
  34. clickables
    Watch a Massive Community Dance RemixIt’s almost back!
  35. amour
    Watch an AmourGolden Girls Mash-UpAnd it’s surprisingly dark.
  36. Watch an Epic Beatles–Led Zeppelin Mash-UpListen up, cool dads!
  37. Watch a Django UnchainedBlazing Saddles Mash-UpMel Tarantino is real!
  38. Naturally, Here’s a HobbitHunger Games Mash-UpAnd not one braid in sight.
  39. Listen to a Rihanna–Big Ang Mash-UpThey’re beautiful, like diamonds in the sky.
  40. dj earworm
    Hear DJ Earworm’s 2012 United State of PopVintage Ellie Goulding? Seems about right.
  41. star trek into darkness
    Watch an Excellent Star Trek Into DarknessToy Story 3 Mash-UpMash-ups featuring movies that haven’t come out yet? Welcome to 2012.
  42. Watch Jurassic Creature ComfortsWait, that’s not clay.
  43. downton abbey
    Downton Abbey Men Do Breaking BadBreaking Abbey, ladies and gentlemen.
  44. louie
    Watch a Louie–‘Charlie Brown’ Mash-UpHe’s certainly rough on Lucy.
  45. What If Breaking Bad Were Shot Like The Wire?Everyone’s talking about this show mash-up!
  46. Watch an Excellent Mashup: It’s Always Sunny in HomelandSo many papers!
  47. Watch Breaking Bad As a Lifetime MovieWe’d watch ‘em.
  48. game of thrones
    Watch Another Episode of Game of Thrones–Meets-SeinfeldWhich one’s Newman?
  49. Watch an American Horror StoryHappy Endings MashupWe’d watch it.
  50. the hobbit
    A GooniesHobbit Mash-Up? Why Not?Two movies, one mash-up.
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