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Master Of None Season 2

  1. Master of None Co-Creator Alan Yang Calls for ‘More Women in Positions of Power’Yang also addressed the inspiration for Bobby Cannavale’s character.
  2. Aniz Ansari on What It Was Like to Grow Up With Aziz“Growing up where we grew up is 100 percent the reason why our perspective is the way it is.”
  3. Bobby Cannavale on Master of None, Aziz Ansari, and Chef Jeff“I really think one of the reasons my character was a chef is so that we could eat at all these places.”
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    Aziz Ansari Recaps Master of None’s ‘Door #3’“My dad actually pitched that story about the toothbrush! He said that’s a common thing that happens.”
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    Aziz Ansari Recaps Master of None’s ‘New York, I Love You’“We showed it to a doorman and he was like, ‘This is my life! You nailed it!’”
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    Aziz Ansari’s Formerly Chubby Cousin Harris Plays His Buff Cousin in MONHarris got hot.
  7. On Master of None, It’s the Men Who Are the Mushy RomanticsKissy? Wink celebrations? This is definitely not my impression of what locker-room talk sounds like.
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    Here Are the Mouthwatering Restaurants Master of None Visits in ItalyAnd no, you can’t eat in that wine cellar.