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Matt Berninger

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    Watch The National’s Matt Berninger Sing at The Game of Thrones ConcertThe National’s front man made a guest appearance in Vegas.
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    Hear a Delightful Song for and by Brooklyn DadsBy members of the Walkmen and the National.
  3. party chat
    Matt Berninger on the National’s New Rock Doc“Had he told us before what he was going to do, we probably would have pulled the plug.”
  4. soundtracks
    Listen to The National’s Dirge From the Game of Thrones SoundtrackMy are you broody, Matt Berninger.
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    Hear ‘Representing Memphis,’ Sharon Jones’s Duet with the National’s Matt BerningerIt’s actually not that weird.
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    Ryan Phillippe Would Like To, at Some Point, Thoroughly Embarrass SelfPlus: Jason Bateman a world-class idiot.
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    The National’s Matt Berninger Is Totally Cool With Sounding Like Rain Man