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  1. underrated
    It’s Never Too Late to Enter Garth Marenghi’s DarkplaceStephen Merchant explains why the 2004 series is so worth watching.
  2. vulture bets on berry
    Force Matt Berry to Host the OscarsThe gig is available, and our country must act immediately.
  3. trailer mix
    Watch the Trailer for Toast of TinseltownEven Clem Fandango is making the trip across the pond.
  4. good one podcast
    A Casino Is the Perfect Place for a VampireWe talked haunted dolls, jalopies, and Scabby the Rat with the What We Do in the Shadows gang at Comic Con.
  5. profile
    Matt Berry Has a TypeThe actor is known for playing ridiculous characters with a straight face — the stupider the better.
  6. nftv
    Matt Berry and Richard Ayoade Are Reuniting and Somehow NFTs Are InvolvedThis is fantastic and also exhausting news.
  7. tv review
    What We Do in the Shadows Is the Best Vampire Workplace Comedy on TVLook who’s the boss in season three.
  8. vulture bets on berry
    Let Matt Berry Be the Sad, Drunk Heir in The White Lotus Season 2We’ll be honest, we just want to hear him say “pineapple.”
  9. trailers
    What We Do in the Shadows Drops a New Trailer, Is Renewed for Season 4An exciting human announcement from a regular human show.
  10. vulture bets on berry
    Every Single Reality Show Would Be Better If Matt Berry Were the HostSure, he would hate it, but we would love it.
  11. tv
    We Now Know When the Funny Vampires Are Coming BackCan you believe we went this long without Matt Berry?
  12. vulture bets on berry
    Why Hasn’t Matt Berry Hosted a Celebrity Cruise Yet?As summer approaches, it’s time for Mr. Berry to take us all to the sea.
  13. matt berry
    Matt Berry Ushers in Cool-Middle-Aged Man Summer With a New SingleGet ready for some crunchy guitar solos, kids.
  14. vulture bets on berry
    Guess Who We Think Should Write the Definitive COVID Anthem?Go ahead, guess.
  15. vulture bets on berry
    Only Matt Berry Can Play Boris Johnson on The CrownJust imagine him in that wig.
  16. matt berry
    Matt Berry Has Once Again Done Something We EnjoyThis time it’s a new album.
  17. vulture bets on berry
    Let Matt Berry Be the Judge of ThatThere’s no justice in the world until he holds the gavel in a TV legal drama.
  18. vulture bets on berry
    Dear Matt Berry: Please, Please Start a Twitch StreamThis man was made to be the internet’s daddy.
  19. vulture bets on berry
    A Hopeful America Deserves Matt Berry As Cranberry SpokespersonThis is the only path forward for us as a country and for the world.
  20. vulture bets on berry
    Matt Berry Should Play Most of the Parts in Phantom of the OperaGet Andrew Lloyd Webber on the damn phone.
  21. vulture bets on berry
    All We Want for Christmas Is Matt Berry to Play Santa ClausPlease give us a Berry little Christmas.
  22. matt berry
    Matt Berry Is Bringing His Much-Hated Actor, Steven Toast, to AmericaTo quote Toast, “YESSSSS!!!”
  23. vulture bets on berry
    Cast Matt Berry in The Mandalorian, You CowardsIt’s honestly shameful this hasn’t happened yet.
  24. vulture bets on berry
    What the World Needs Now Is Matt Berry to Play BatmanIntroducing our new column, “Vulture Bets on Berry.”
  25. emmy insider
    13 Emmy-Worthy Performances That Shouldn’t Be OverlookedAkili McDowell in David Makes Man, Shira Haas in Unorthodox, Hunter Schafer in Euphoria, and more of the year’s best TV acting.
  26. chat room
    Mark Hamill Is the World’s Biggest What We Do in the Shadows FanAnd he’s an amazing guest star as Jim the Vampire, too.
  27. chat room
    Matt Berry on Why Making What We Do in the Shadows Was ‘Terrifying’“There’s no reason why a vampire would be afraid of heights, much like a bird wouldn’t be afraid of heights. That’s the veil of acting.”
  28. underrated
    Rob Corddry and Brian Huskey on Snuff Box and Why It’s Brilliant to Play Dumb“Right before this interview I was thinking, ‘Why don’t me and Huskey do our own show like this?’”
  29. Channel 4 Is Likely to Order Matt Berry’s ‘Toast of London’ to Series UK network Channel 4 is close to ordering Matt Berry’s pilot Toast of London to series, British Comedy Guide reports. Fans of British comedy […]