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  1. casting
    Matt Smith to Spend Some Time in a Galaxy Far, Far Away in Star Wars: Episode IXWill he play a charming rogue?
  2. vulture quiz
    Which TV Couple Said It: Philip and Elizabeth or Philip and Elizabeth?The Crown or The Americans?
  3. tribeca film festival 2018
    You Can Now Buy Matt Smith’s Leather Pants From MapplethorpeSay no more.
  4. tribeca film festival 2018
    Matt Smith Gives His Best Elevator Pitch for MapplethorpeDoes he have what it takes to seal the deal?
  5. $$$$
    Matt Smith Finally Speaks Out About Being Paid More Than Claire Foy on The Crown“We need to strive to make this a better and more even playing field for everyone involved.”
  6. explainers
    Your Guide to The Crown’s Gender Pay Gap ControversyEverything to know about the royal scandal.
  7. pay gaps
    Claire Foy Breaks Her Silence About Her Crown Gender Pay Gap: ‘I’m Surprised’It was previously revealed her co-star, Matt Smith, was paid more for his supporting role.
  8. $$$$
    The Crown’s Producers Apologize to Claire Foy and Matt Smith for Pay Gap ‘Storm’“The actors are not aware of who gets what.”
  9. $$$$
    God Save Claire Foy, Who Was Paid Less Than Matt Smith in The CrownAt the time, it boiled down to the actors’ prominence.
  10. keeping up with the royals
    The Crown’s Matt Smith Thinks Meghan Markle’s Future Will Be Bleak“Life as she knows it is gone.”
  11. last night on late night
    Matt Smith and Claire Foy Argue About Who Should Play Meghan Markle on The Crown“She’s playing Meghan Markle!” “No she’s not.”
  12. the industry
    The Crown’s Matt Smith Has His Own Hollywood Objectification Story“This happens to men, too.”
  13. trailer mix
    Watch the New Trailer for Netflix’s The Crown: God Save the Queen!Arriving November 4.
  14. casting couch
    Matt Smith, Zosia Mamet to Star in MapplethorpeBy Ondi Timoner.
  15. doctor who
    Matt Smith on Steven Moffat Leaving Doctor WhoSmith called Moffat “the greatest writer.”
  16. casting couch
    Doctor Who’s Matt Smith Joins Ryan Gosling FilmIt’s his first American production.
  17. video
    Watch Doctor Who’s Cast Pick Out Christmas Ornaments for Each OtherMatt gets giant Christmas stockings to use as socks and Jenna-Louise gets a stripper merman.
  18. hopes and dreams
    Five Things We Hope to See in Doctor Who’s Season SevenMore drama, less comedy.
  19. comic-con 2012
    Did the Doctor Who Cast Play ‘Uncomfortable Touch’ With Dumbledore?Being creepy through time and space!
  20. doctor who
    Check Out the Real-Life Adventures of a Doctor Who PuppetBring Matt Smith everywhere!
  21. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Hilary Duff’s Pastor Pulled Out an Uzi at Her WeddingPlus: Comic-Con fans get a little too physical for Kaley Cuoco, and more, on our daily late-night roundup.
  22. video
    Watch the Doctor Who Cast Challenge Each Other to Doctor Who PinballAnd in between grudge matches, we grill them about the new season of the show.
  23. chat room
    Matt Smith on His Role as the New Doctor WhoOur sci-fi-obsessed commenters asked; he replied.
  24. doctor who
    Tell Us Your Questions for the New Doctor WhoLet us know anything you want to know from Matt Smith, the eleventh Doctor.
  25. disappointments
    New Doctor Who to Ruin Series With His Youthful HandsomenessBritons have been up in arms all weekend over Saturday’s surprise announcement that random 26-year old Matt Smith has been cast as the eleventh Doctor Who.