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  1. the sopranos
    The Sopranos Cast Shares Their Favorite James Gandolfini StoriesThe 20th-anniversary celebration of HBO’s landmark gangster drama was a “lovefest” for its late star.
  2. close reads
    The Romanoffs’ Misconduct Episode Is Depressing and UnnecessaryAs a defense of an accused man, “Bright and High Circle” fails as both a drama and a polemic.
  3. chat room
    Andrew Rannells on Playing a ‘Shady’ Guy in The Romanoffs’ Misconduct Episode“I’ll be curious to see what the reaction is. In my mind, it is very ambiguous, but I think people will pick a side pretty quickly.”
  4. chat room
    The Romanoffs’ Jack Huston on His ‘Bad Experiences’ With ‘Tough Directors’And why he doesn’t believe in separating art from the artist.
  5. tv review
    The Romanoffs Follows Privilege All the Way DownMatthew Weiner’s first TV project since Mad Men is another portrait of white people in decline.
  6. sexual harassment
    Matthew Weiner Discusses Harassment Allegation: ‘I Don’t Remember Saying It’Mad Men writer Kater Gordon says Weiner told her she owed it to him to let him see her naked while working on the show in 2008.
  7. trailer mix
    The Romanoffs Trailer: Matthew Weiner Returns With, Simply Put, Every ActorIsabelle Huppert! Corey Stoll! John Slattery!
  8. first looks
    Amazon Releases Some Very Vague Episode Descriptions for The RomanoffsMatthew Weiner’s anthology series has eight episodes, released weekly.
  9. vulture festival 2018
    Dietland’s Marti Noxon Looks Back on Backing Up Matthew Weiner Harassment Claim“People don’t want to believe this stuff about people they like.”
  10. sexual harassment
    Matthew Weiner Denies Sexual Harassment Claim by Saying He’s an ‘Angry’ Boss“I was just angry a lot of the time.”
  11. sexual harassment
    Marti Noxon Calls Matthew Weiner an ‘Emotional Terrorist’The former Mad Men producer says she recalls hearing about Weiner telling an ex-writer she “owed” it to him to get naked.
  12. the industry
    Ex–Mad Men Writer Alleges Matthew Weiner Said She Owed It to Him to Get Naked“He told me that I owed it to him to let him see me naked.”
  13. important sartorial news
    Matthew Weiner’s New Show Will Be Made by a Dream Team of Mad Men AlumsWe can be sure that Isabelle Huppert will look amazing.
  14. dream casting
    Isabelle Huppert to Smolder Through Matthew Weiner’s Series The RomanoffsThe Oscar nominee will star alongside Mad Men alums John Slattery and Christina Hendricks.
  15. money money money
    Matt Weiner’s $30 Million Mad Men Deal Also Included Bonuses for Winning AwardsWe’d take that bonus deal any day.
  16. truth in advertising
    Heinz Is Using a Rejected Don Draper Pitch in Its Real AdvertisingNot good enough for fake Heinz, plenty good enough for the real company.
  17. the romanoffs
    Mad Men Creator Details His New Russian Royals Anthology Series, The RomanoffsThe episodic anthology will follow people who think they’re descendants of the mysterious Russian family.
  18. chat room
    Matthew Weiner on His Novel, Mad Men Reunions, and Answering Fan Questions“How could I not acknowledge that this is a huge chunk of my life?”
  19. big bucks
    Meryl Streep Is Making $825K an Episode on TVTV is where film stars can make bank.
  20. series orders
    Matthew Weiner Is Making a New Show for AmazonIt’s a “contemporary anthology set in multiple locations worldwide.”
  21. vulture book club
    Matthew Weiner’s Debut Novel Is Coming SoonComing fall 2017.
  22. orange is the new black
    Matthew Weiner to Direct an Episode of OITNBSo, which Litchfield prisoner worked at Sterling Cooper?
  23. party chats
    An Emmys Postmortem With Matthew Weiner“I felt like [Jon Hamm] should’ve won every year.”
  24. mad men
    Matthew Weiner Wondered What Happened to Mad Men’s Sal, TooBehold, Weiner’s wish list of plot points to cover before the finale.
  25. mad men
    Matthew Weiner Has Known How He Would End Betty’s Story for a WhileHe was pretty matter-of-fact about it.
  26. mad men finale
    Weiner: We’re Too Cynical About That Coke Ad“That ad is so much of its time, so beautiful, and I don’t think it’s as villainous as the snark of today thinks it is.”
  27. close reads
    The End of Mad Men, in Its Characters’ Own WordsCoded within the final episodes lay any number of passages that illustrate the way Weiner feels about the end of the show.
  28. last night on late night
    Watch Conan, Weiner Tease Mad Men Finale ClipKind of.
  29. Matthew Weiner on the Past, Present, and Future of Mad Men’s Characters“I’m sorry it made you a little uneasy that Don’s doing something you don’t really like.”
  30. party chat
    Matthew Weiner on Fan Criticism, Betty, and Glen“I’m not writing an English paper. I’m writing a story.”
  31. old favorites
    What Happened to Mad Men’s Forgotten Characters?Linda Cardellini, Zosia Mamet, and others predict where their characters ended up.
  32. mad men
    Matthew Weiner: Don Is a ‘Hero of Assimilation’“It’s like, how do we become white?”
  33. Behind Mad Men’s Most Memorable Scenes“I did think that Roger Sterling was going to die the first season.”
  34. 7 Things We Learned From Mad Men’s CreatorAMC didn’t want to show Peggy smoking weed.
  35. party chats
    Matthew Weiner on How Broadway Musicals Have Influenced Mad Men“Hopefully from watching the show you can see that I’m not a casual fan.”
  36. 10 Films That Inspired Mad Men, According to Matthew WeinerIncluding Vertigo, Les Bonnes Femmes, and more.
  37. exclusive
    Exclusive: Matthew Weiner Analyzes the Final, Official Mad Men Poster“He’s in the city — and he’s on his way.”
  38. the final season
    6 Things We Learned From the Mad Men TCA PanelEach episode will feel “like the finale.”
  39. party chat
    Matthew Weiner and Kiernan Shipka on Mad Men’s Final Season“I’m not saying that no one’s ever done a scene drunk on Mad Men. I will not say that.”
  40. movie review
    Is It Possible for Matthew Weiner to Be Matthew Weiner on the Big Screen?The mind behind Mad Men directs an Owen Wilson film.
  41. trailer mix
    Are You Here Trailer: Matthew Weiner’s First FilmStarring Amy Poehler, Owen Wilson, and Zach Galifianakis.
  42. Here’s the Trailer for ‘Are You Here’, from the Creator of ‘Mad Men’ and […] Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner wrote and directed his first movie this past year, and it’s finally hitting theaters this summer. Called Are […]
  43. chat room
    Matthew Weiner Talks Mad Men Mid-Season Finale “I look at it and ask, ‘Are you friends with the person who lost your lottery ticket for $1 million?’”
  44. last night on late night
    Watch Stephen Colbert Tell Matthew Weiner How Mad Men Should EndFrom last night’s Colbert Report.
  45. the vulture transcript
    Talking to Matthew Weiner About Pete CampbellJada Yuan gets the Mad Men showrunner on the phone for an extended conversation.
  46. finale words
    Matthew Weiner Talks About Mad Men’s Next and Final Season“I’ll tell you one thing: I am surprisingly upbeat about this experience right now.”
  47. impassioned responses
    Matthew Weiner Meh About Splitting Mad Men’s Last Season“It’s a strategy from the network and I was told about it.” 
  48. postmortem
    Matthew Weiner on the Mad Men Season Six FinaleIs Don’s epiphany permanent? Will season seven be bi-coastal? And what’s the deal with Bob Benson, anyway?
  49. what up with that?
    Matthew Weiner on Why Those Mad Men Previews Are Comically Stingy“I’m amazed at what they do with the restrictions I have given them.”
  50. Mad Men’s Megan Draper Won’t Die … This Season, Says Matt WeinerAnd she’s probably not dead already either.
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