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    8 Things We Learned From Colbert’s Comedy PanelHenry Kissinger is a good sport … right up until you ask him to make a joke about pancakes.
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    Your Sunday Long Reads: Gay Boy Band Fan Fiction, RZA, and Maurice Sendak Busy week edition. 
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    Check Out an Adorable Avengers-Themed Maurice Sendak TributeSomeone make this book happen! (On second thought, don’t.)
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    Watch Unseen Footage of Stephen Colbert’s Interview With Maurice SendakHe will never be forgotten, because he was so cool.
  5. Stephen Colbert’s Fitting Tribute to Maurice Sendak Maurice Sendak passed away yesterday so last night, Stephen Colbert paid tribute to the author/blurber of his new children’s book, I Am a Pole […]
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    Maurice Sendak: The King of All the Wild ThingsBook critic Kathryn Schulz on the man behind a whole raft of beastie boys.
  7. vulture lists
    Ten Ways Maurice Sendak Defined Your ChildhoodThe books of Sendak, who died today at 83, are as universal a staple of early childhood as a pacifier or a tantrum.
  8. Goodbye, Maurice Sendak It’s not been a great week for wonderful Spike Jonze collaborators; children’s book author and inspiringly hilarious curmudgeon Maurice Sendak […]
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    Maurice Sendak Is Dead at 83The author of Where the Wild Things Are has died.
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    Maurice Sendak Sings, Huffs Markers, Is Totally Delightful on ColbertSendak and Colbert love each other.
  11. Maurice Sendak Doesn’t Disappoint in Part 2 of His Colbert Report Interview Can we start a letter-writing campaign to The Colbert Report’s producers to have Maurice Sendak be Stephen’s permanent co-host? No, you know […]
  12. Maurice Sendak Schools Stephen Colbert on Newt Gingrich and Nude Dreams In this Colbert Report segment, Stephen turns to Maurice Sendak for advice on crafting his own line of celebrity children’s books. Who knew […]
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    Watch Maurice Sendak Explain His WorkWhen people ask him to do a Where the Wild Things Are sequel, he tells them to go to hell.
  14. real talk
    Now You Know: Maurice Sendak Hates Gwyneth PaltrowAs for his feelings about Roald Dahl? “He’s dead, that’s what’s nice about him.”
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    Spike Jonze on his Maurice Sendak DocumentaryThe director talks about bonding with Sendak, how documentary is different than narrative film, and the best way to release a movie.
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    Maurice Sendak’s Latest Grandfatherly Advice: ‘Quit This Life As Soon As Possible’Also, says the charming Sendak: “I’m going to die pretty soon.”
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    Maurice Sendak to Children, Parents: Pee Your Pants and Go to HellPlus: Should ‘Dollhouse’ be canceled, Eliza Dushku is already lining up her next gig.
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    Where Did Dave Eggers Get the Idea for His Furry Book Cover?It certainly looks familiar, doesn’t it?
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    Maurice Sendak Swears Wild Things Movie Will Be OkaySays Sendak: “What I’ve seen [Spike Jonze] do is, he’s turned it into his without giving up mine … He’s touched me very much.”
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    Sad Maurice Sendak Gives His Blessing to Sad ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ MovieSendak says he hates ‘syrupy animation.’
  21. the take
    Hey Warners! Leave Spike Jonze and ‘Wild Things’ Alone!This isn’t a Veggie Tales movie, Warner Bros.!
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    Karen O Doing ‘Where the Wild Things Are’ Soundtrack; Vulture Doing Happy DanceHooray!
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    Hilary Swank Could Definitely Kick Your AssPlus: Quotes from Adam Baldwin and Ian McKellen!
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    John Cusack and Gong Li Get ShanghaiedPlus: What’s Russel Crowe up to?