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Maurizio Cattelan

  1. art
    Man Duct-tapes Banana to Wall, Makes $240,000, Credits New York MagazineHowever, a prankster has now eaten the banana.
  2. art
    Advice From 27 Artists, From Marina Abramovich to Mickalene Thomas, on Making ItYou’ve read Jerry Saltz’s story on being an artist. But what do successful artists themselves say?
  3. documentary
    The Truth About the Guggenheim’s Golden-Toilet ArtistYou can now see the Maurizio Cattelan documentary.
  4. art
    People Are Waiting Two Hours to See a 18-Karat-Gold Toilet at the GuggenheimMaurizio Cattelan’s America invites visitors, in the words of the museum, to have “an experience of unprecedented intimacy with a work of art.”
  5. art
    The Big, Steaming Return of Maurizio CattelanA donkey, a documentary, and a stopped-up golden toilet.
  6. seen
    Athens Calling: Maurizio Cattelan on Art and Survival in Crisis-Era Greece “Fuck Crisis, Let’s Dance.” 
  7. art
    Maurizio Cattelan’s L.A. Art Tour, With a Stop at Jim Carrey’s Painting StudioWhile everyone else was in Miami ogling Miley, they had their own private art fair.
  8. Jerry Saltz on Maurizio Cattelan’s Mysterious New GalleryIs it the smallest gallery in New York? Could be.
  9. The Weird and Mirthful Subversions of Maurizio CattelanWhat do you get when you cross an Italian artist with a penchant for subversion and an architectural gem known for it’s hierarchical space? No, […]