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Max Joseph

  1. goodbyes
    Max Joseph Exits MTV’s Catfish to the Delight of Facebook Scammers EverywhereYou can go back to thinking your boyfriend is real.
  2. Catfish’s Max Joseph: My Life As a Minor CelebrityMy favorite are the ones who take a selfie and then ask, “What show are you on, by the way?”
  3. trailer mix
    See Zac Efron in the We Are Your Friends TrailerIt’s like The Social Network, but for EDM bros.
  4. we are your friends
    Max From Catfish Shows Off His Directing Skills (and His Zac Efron)“Here’s Zac Efron.”
  5. how dey do dat?
    Here’s How MTV’s Catfish Actually WorksOften, it’s the fakers who write in asking to be on the show.
  6. chat room
    Catfish’s Max Joseph on Season 3“We are giving them a kind of low-level, amateur version of therapy.”
  7. gif-caps
    Here Is the Ultimate Nev and Max Catfish Side-Eye GIF. Use It Often.Boys, boys, boys.
  8. taxonomy
    8 Types of Catfish on CatfishKnow your Catfish, so you don’t get … caught.