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Max Silvestri

  1. good one podcast
    How a Couple Navigates What From Their Life Can Go Into His Stand-UpOn this week’s Good One, real-life couple Max Silvestri and Leah Beckman discuss how they navigate what from their lives goes into his act.
  2. Max Silvestri Settles into LA and His Lifelong Calling of Mocking Chefs Max Silvestri hosted one of Brooklyn’s most popular comedy shows, Big Terrific, for nearly seven years alongside fellow comedians Gabe […]
  3. Talking to Max Silvestri About Brooklyn, Twitter, and Big TerrificBrooklyn-based comic Max Silvestri has been in the business for a decade now. His free weekly standup show Big Terrific, a New York comedy […]
  4. Could Magic Mushrooms Improve Your Viewing of The Hobbit?A Vulture experiment!
  5. think of the birds
    A Benefit for Stephen Baldwin, But Not That Stephen BaldwinA Stephen Baldwin who rescues parrots, in Brooklyn.
  6. movies
    Gabe & Max Take on the Oscars: ‘I Am a Serious Man, But This Whole Drama Really Caught Me by the Blind SideGabe & Max throw their acting hats into the Oscar ring.