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  1. game theory
    And Now for Some Random Jeopardy! Guest HostsAnderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta are among the new hosts.
  2. straight to series
    Mayim Bialik and Jim Parsons Reteam for Carla on FoxThe Miranda remake has already been given a series commitment.
  3. chat room
    The Big Bang Theory’s Mayim Bialik on Amy’s Wedding Dress and Season 13“Would I choose that dress? No. It felt like a little bit much to me. But for Amy, did I think it was appropriate? Yes.”
  4. mayim bialik
    Mayim Bialik Apologizes for Her Controversial Harvey Weinstein Op-EdThe actress’s op-ed included a passage about how she protects herself from harassment through modest dress and behavior.
  5. the industry
    Mayim Bialik Reflects on Being a ‘Nontraditional’-Looking Feminist in Hollywood“Those of us in Hollywood who don’t represent an impossible standard of beauty have the ‘luxury’ of being overlooked.”
  6. math!
    The Insane Amount of Money The Big Bang Theory Stars Will Have Made by Season 12CBS is now spending about $10 million per episode to make its massively popular show.
  7. Big Bang Theory Cast Might Cut Pay to Give Mayim Bialik and Melissa Rauch Raises[Nods solemnly] Bazinga.
  8. chat room
    TBBT’s Mayim Bialik on Amy & Sheldon’s Big Night“Jim and I were passing each other in the hall, and I said, ‘Have you read next week’s script?’ He said, ‘No, do we do it?’”
  9. the patriarchy
    Mayim Bialik Thinks Ariana Grande Is Bad for WomenBut she doesn’t really know who she is.
  10. clickables
    Watch Mayim Bialik Explain Her Love of ScienceSee Blossom dressed up as a cell.
  11. chat room
    Mayim Bialik May Feel Awkward at the Emmys“I don’t even do well at cocktail parties.”
  12. mayim bialik
    Watch Mayim Bialik and Joey Lawrence Reunite in an Old Navy CommercialWhoa, indeed, Joey. Whoa, indeed.
  13. chat room
    Mayim Bialik on The Big Bang Theory’s On-Set Awkwardness, Her Blossom Crush, and Performance Anxiety“Before every scene, my heart is in my throat and I’m sure I meet the DSM-IV criteria for severe performance anxiety.”
  14. the industry
    Industry: Carey Mulligan Will Play Daisy BuchananPlus: Blossom joins the cast of ‘The Big Bang Theory.’
  15. whoa
    Weirdness of the Day: You May Want to Watch ’Til DeathIt got crazy last season.
  16. quote machine
    Michelle Rodriguez Plans to Keep Her Clothes OnPlus: Blossom speaks!
  17. quote machine
    Unlike Jean-Claude Van Damme, William H. Macy Has Nothing to HidePlus: Liam Neeson rationalizes his decision to star in ‘Taken.’