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Mc Hammer

  1. barack dubs
    And Now, President Obama Performs ‘U Can’t Touch This’But, seriously, U can’t.
  2. clickables
    See Cody Simpson’s Teeny-Bopper DollAlso: Gwen Stefani doll sets and guitar-equipped Taylor Swift.
  3. mc hammer
    See How to Parent Using M.C. HammerM.C. Hammer: now teaching kids to stay away from stove tops!
  4. clickables
    See MC Hammer’s Super-Enthusiastic Thor ReviewHe liked it, because of the hammer.
  5. clickables
    Hear Jay-Z Address His Amazing/Bizarre Feud With MC HammerAlas, it looks like the beef stops here.
  6. beef
    MC Hammer’s Hot New Single Is About How Jay-Z Is Controlled by the Devil“‘Mr. Devil, can you give me a sign’ / He said, ‘Throw the Roc up, that’s one of mine.’”
  7. clickables
    Hear MC Hammer Dis Jay-Z in a New TrackThe video for “Better Run Run” depicts a Hova impersonator being chased by the devil.
  8. ESPN’s Pretty Good Sports Show Is Actually Pretty Good There’s a lot to be skeptical about when you hear that ESPN is producing an online comedic video series centered around New York sports. I […]
  9. apropos of nothing
    MC Hammer’s New Website Will Finally Allow People to Embarrass Themselves on the InternetNineties rap superstar MC Hammer has founded his very own Web 2.0 start-up designed to allow users to share videos of themselves dancing on the Internet.