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Mccarren Park Pool

  1. last night’s gig
    Wilco Adrift at McCarren Park PoolWhat was missing from last evening’s Wilco show at McCarren Pool? It’s difficult to be exact.
  2. last night’s gig
    Ween Redefine Higher Education at McCarren ShowEveryone sang along: “She’s gonna be my cock professor / Studying my dick!”
  3. chat room
    Cut Chemist on ‘Juno,’ DJ Shadow, and Spinning in the Ladies’ RoomPeople are like, ‘Oh the guy in ‘Juno,’ the chemistry teacher.’ It’s like, ‘Oh yeah? He’s also done a little bit of music too. Go check it out.’
  4. last night’s gig
    M.I.A. Nearly Undone by Democratic Impulses at McCarren PoolTurns out that the crowd was not just a symbol of democracy, but also full of wannabe stars who hilariously but annoyingly refused to go away.
  5. live from new york
    Video: Ted Leo and the Pharmacists at McCarren Pool“Me and Mia” and “Sons of Cain.”
  6. live from new york
    Video: Two Full Songs From I’m From Barcelona“Oversleeping” and “Treehouse,” by I’m From Barcelona.
  7. live from new york
    Video: Inflatable Bananas and Swedish Pop From I’m From BarcelonaExcellent tunes and an astonishing mustache.
  8. last night’s gig
    TV on the Radio’s Tunde Adebimbe Stops the RainWe chatted with TV on the Radio’s arty, kind-hearted front man Tunde Adebimpe about Sonic Youth, hamburgers, and the apocalypse.
  9. live from new york
    Video: Man Man and Illinois LiveAbove, check out Man Man playing “Banana Ghost,” preceded by a brand-new song that we would title “Been Knocked Out Way Too Long,” but which is probably called “Kitten Apocalypse” or some shit.
  10. live from new york
    Video: Man Man Go Off the Deep End
  11. live from new york
    Video: Superchunk Live at McCarren PoolYesterday we showed you the scene at this weekend’s McCarren Pool show in Williamsburg, at which Chapel Hellions Superchunk rocked, Brooklyn tots Slip-’n-Slid, and music fans baked under the sun. Today we’ve got full-song video of two performances from the show. Above, check out Superchunk playing their opener, “Driveway to Driveway”; below the jump, catch the band playing the always-great-live “Animated Airplanes Over Germany.”
  12. live from new york
    Video: Slip ‘N Sliding With Superchunk