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  1. music
    McLovin Is in a Band!They’re called the Young Rapscallions.
  2. bummers
    Christopher Mintz-Plasse Isn’t Interested in a McLovin MovieGuess he doesn’t care what the rest of the world is interested in.
  3. trailer mix
    Kick-Ass Trailer: a Clockwork McLovin?Want to see McLovin shoot a guy?
  4. mclovin
    McLovin Shoots, Scores With Mystery BlondeVulture’s patron saint sure has a way with the ladies.
  5. unlikely pairings
    King Kong Ain’t Got Squat on McLovinHow does CMP stack up against Denzel Washington? Pretty awesomely, natch.
  6. mclovin
    Help Crack the Case of McLovin’s Mystery European Girlfriend!(Assuming she’s not of the imaginary variety.)
  7. tweets
    McLovin TweetsTrent Reznor may have quit social networking forever, but we just found something to take the pain away.
  8. paternity
    McLovin: Ed Helms Junior?Spoiler: Ed Helms is Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s father.
  9. f-bombs
    McLovin: Above the LawNobody thought to bleep McLovin’s F-bomb on ‘Kimmel’ last night.
  10. quote machine
    Paul Rudd Dispenses With the FormalitiesPlus: Antonin Scalia enjoys a good bawdy joke.
  11. roll credits
    Week in Review: Gold Medals Not Won By Michael PhelpsWho else took home the gold this week?
  12. countdown
    McLovin to ‘Kick-Ass’ in Violent Teen Action MovieWhat makes us think this might be something more than exploitative trash? (It’ll definitely be exploitative trash, but maybe also something more, we mean.)
  13. apropos of nothing
    Tragic Despoiling of McLovin ContinuesWe can only pray that his mom does not read our blog.
  14. kudos
    McLovin’s Genius Overlooked Again at MTV Movie AwardsIt was probably mostly because he didn’t actually show up. Still — shameful.
  15. kudos
    MTV Movie Awards: Will McLovin Finally Get His Due?He damn well better.
  16. tube junkie
    McLovin, Semi-Jokingly, Solicits Your DonationsAfter Oscar voters failed to recognize his genius, the ‘Superbad’ star is taking to the Internet to ask for your help.
  17. quote machine
    Either McLovin’s Film Career Is Going Great, or Paul Rudd Needs to Fire His AgentPlus: Diddy!
  18. apropos of nothing
    Is Matchbox Twenty Contributing to the Delinquency of McLovin?Yesterday, our sister blog Grub Street broke the exciting news about Christopher Mintz-Plasse, a.k.a. McLovin, being spotted enjoying some food at Diner in Williamsburg on Friday night. But it turns out that wasn’t all — there may have been a drink too!
  19. the early-evening news
    Breaking: McLovin, Too, Eats FoodPlus: Microsoft wants to be your cable company!
  20. kudos
    Oscar Buzz for McLovin Reaches Fever PitchJust before we split for the holidays, Vulture made a plea to Oscar voters to not forget one of our favorite movie performances of 2007, Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s as Superbad’s McLovin — turns out someone might’ve actually been listening!
  21. kudos
    For Your Consideration: McLovin for Best Supporting ActorLooking back on the totality of the year’s cinematic crop, was there a single more memorable, more endearing film character than Christopher Mintz-Plasse’s McLovin?
  22. the industry
    McLovin Returns!Plus: Madonna Gives Album Faintly Lewd Name!