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Mea Culpas

  1. mea culpas
    24: Legacy Producers Apologize for Using Footage From 2013 Nairobi Terror AttackThe footage will be removed from future broadcasts of the episode.
  2. mea culpas
    Sinéad O’Connor Apologizes for Accusing Arsenio Hall of Giving Prince DrugsHall had sued O’Connor for defamation.
  3. last night on late night
    John Oliver Is Really Sorry He Urged Donald Trump to Run for President“If you’re still undecided, I don’t know if there’s anything I can do to help you.”
  4. mea culpas
    Gary Oldman Apologizes for Anti-Semitic RemarksIn a statement addressed to the ADL.
  5. mea culpas
    Dane Cook Apologizes for Aurora Shooting Joke“A bad judgment call.”
  6. mea culpas
    Alec Baldwin Would Love 5 More 30 Rock Seasons…in Theory“Or at least as long as everyone involved desires.”
  7. mea culpas
    Kanye West Turns Off Caps Lock for Latest Taylor Swift Apology“I feel like Ben Stiller in ‘Meet The Parents.’”