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  1. medicine
    Kate Walsh Reveals That She Had a Brain Tumor Removed in 2015Walsh is part of a campaign urging people to get yearly checkups.
  2. doctors
    Prince Was to Meet With an Opioid Addiction Specialist Before His DeathDr. Howard Kornfeld was called to Paisley Park to assist with “a grave medical emergency.”
  3. bad doctors
    Joan Rivers’s Doctor Allegedly Took a Selfie During Her Throat SurgeryAnd performed a biopsy without her consent.
  4. Literary Birth Complications, by Dan RozierA Huckleberry Fin Good News: It’s a boy! Bad News: It’s a boy with a full-grown killer whale dorsal fin. Humbert Humbert’s Disease […]
  5. Left Handed Radio: ‘I Remember I Couldn’t Sleep’On this episode: A friendly robot hosts the show for us, the latest in dork coutre, David is nervous to be on a gameshow, new medications to […]
  6. So Funny I Died: How Laughing Can and Will Kill YouINT. SUBURBS - DAY - A CHILD’S PARTY We see a FANCY CLOWN from the perspective of the SEATED CHILDREN, all dressed in suits and floral prints. […]