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  1. the industry
    This Year’s Black List Has a Megan Amram Horror Movie and a Little Barron TrumpWhat if the youngest Trump tried to thwart the 2016 election?
  2. 2019 emmy awards
    Megan Amram’s An Emmy for Megan Gets Nominated for Some Emmys (Again)Give. Her. An. Emmy.
  3. award-worthy
    An Emmy for Megan Is Back and More Award-Worthy Than EverFeaturing Nathan Fielder, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Natasha Lyonne, and more.
  4. solidarity forever
    Patton Oswalt, Damon Lindelof, More Fire Their Agents In Solidarity with WGAWriters vow to help other writers find jobs.
  5. injustices
    Megan Amram Will Not Be Silenced, Emmy AwardsShe’d like a word.
  6. a grammy for megan
    Megan Amram Wants to Win a Grammy After Her Good Place Cameo“I do think a Grammy is something that is very enticing to me. It’s no Emmy, but it’s still very exciting.”
  7. emmy insider
    For Megan Amram, An Emmy for Megan Is Just the Beginning“If I win, this is not going to stop. It’s only going to become a greater and bigger movement.”
  8. emmys 2018
    Megan Amram Gets an Emmy Nomination for An Emmy for MeganHooray!
  9. Megan Amram’s 101 Best Trump Tweets, RankedMegan Amram has hundreds of great Trump tweets. Here are the best of the best.
  10. Give Megan Amram an Emmy for ‘An Emmy for Megan’ I’m going to make this super simple for you, Emmy voters: Megan Amram has made a web series that meets all of the minimum requirements needed […]
  11. Megan Amram and Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls Teamed Up for a New Web SeriesHere’s the debut episode of Experimenting with Megan Amram, a brand new web series from Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls that combines two wonderful […]
  12. Megan Amram Shares Some Unexpected Sex Advice from ‘Science…For Her!’IFC posted a new installment of “Funny People Reading Books” today featuring Megan Amram reading an excerpt from her book Science…For Her! […]
  13. The 16 Best Comedy Books of 2014To add to your diet of comedy consumption which is likely already at critical mass, what with the comedy movies, sitcoms, sketch comedy shows, […]
  14. Talking with Megan Amram About Her New Book ‘Science…For Her!’I don’t want to start this by talking about Twitter and how it’s now used for more than sharing up to the second news, opinions on that news, […]
  15. Megan Amram Is Going on a ‘Science…For Her!’ Book TourMegan Amram’s new book Science…For Her! comes out on November 4th, and she’s celebrating the launch with a book tour in the US and Canada. […]
  16. Megan Amram, Nick Offerman, Rich Fulcher, and Steve Agee Get Sweaty for […] Megan Amram’s new book Science…For Her! comes out on November 4th, so in order to get ladies jazzed up to learn about science, she enlisted […]
  17. Watch a Play from Bob Odenkirk’s New Book Called ‘Hitler Dinner Party’Bob Odenkirk’s new book A Load of Hooey comes out today, and to get you excited, he teamed up with Funny or Die and the voice talents of Megan […]
  18. Pre-Order Megan Amram’s New Book ‘Science…For Her!’Last year it was announced that Kroll Show and Parks and Recreation writer Megan Amram landed a book deal for Science…For Her!, a […]
  19. Rebel Wilson, Aubrey Plaza, Megan Amram, and More Make ‘Forbes’ 30 Under 30Business magazine Forbes released its annual “30 Under 30” list today, and the list is full of comedy people, as usual.  Comedians and comedy […]
  20. Eh, ‘America’ Is OverratedAmerica was originally a spinoff of the long-running England. Airing from the 1776-77 season through today, America focuses on a small ensemble […]
  21. The Vine 5 Film Festival: The InternshipVine is a toy from Twitter that challenges users to make the most profound work ever committed to video in exactly six seconds. Or at the very […]
  22. Megan Amram Gets a Book DealMegan Amram is writing a book about science. Publisher’s Weekly reports that Amram, a comedy writer who amassed hundreds of thousands of […]
  23. Rob Delaney, Megan Amram, and a Fake Prince Account Top ‘Time’ Magazine’s […]TIME magazine released a list of “The 140 Best Twitter Feeds of 2013” this week, and a lot of comedians made it in this time around. The list […]
  24. Megan Amram, Joe Mande, Ilana Glazer, Lauren Lapkus and Others Named […]Megan Amram, Jerrod Carmichael, Arthur Meyer, Sean Patton, Rebecca Delgado Smith, Joe Mande, Ilana Glazer, Lauren Lapkus, Sheng Wang, and Betsy […]
  25. Megan Amram Reviews ‘America’In honor of its 236 seasons on air, Megan Amram reviewed the hit series America. As she writes: “It may not have the staying power of perennial […]
  26. Follow Friday: @MeganAmramEverybody is a comedian on Twitter, but only a select few are worthy enough to have all of their witticisms transmitted to you, the ever busy […]
  27. Joe Mande to Write for ‘Parks & Recreation’At around 2:00pm today, Joe Mande announced via Tweet (check it out below) that he was hired as a writer on Parks & Recreation and he’ll be […]
  28. Twitter Can’t Be Bad for Comedy…Right?Twitter: rejuvenating the field of comedy, leveling the playing field for all, sharpening comedians’ writing skills. OR IS IT? This debate […]
  29. Megan Amram Raps About the Huffington Post Here’s Twitter’s Megan Amram’s newest video, in which she raps about Ariana Huffington and her Post. Sample lyric: “If I got you a nametag, […]
  30. Megan Amram Gets Profiled on Last Call “Internet person” and Twitter heroine Megan Amram got the profile treatment last night on Last Call with Carson Daly. It’s a fun piece in […]
  31. Twitter’s Megan Amram on Nightmare Hipster Comedy and Her Internet […]It’s pretty obvious to anyone who’s been paying attention that Twitter is no longer just for reading about Kanye West’s frustration with velvet […]
  32. Megan Amram’s Stain Removal Advice Is Not at All PracticalYou probably won’t get any useful advice out of Megan Amram’s stain removal article in this month’s Vice, but that’s OK. There’s more to life […]
  33. This Year’s Cable Lineup Looks Flat-Out AmazingThe new year’s TV schedule looks amazing, at least if Megan Amram’s cable lineups are to be believed. I’m really excited about MTV’s True Life: […]