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  1. podcasts
    Conan O’Brien’s Podcast to Feature Will Ferrell, Kristen Bell, and MoreLots of friends.
  2. the industry
    Fox Developing New Animated Show Called The Great North From Bob’s Burgers TeamThe project will feature the voice acting talents of Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally, Will Forte, and Jenny Slate.
  3. vulture lists
    Which Will & Grace Star Has the Best Post-Show Career?Life after an era-defining sitcom is never easy.
  4. tribeca tv festival
    Before Returning to Will & Grace, Debra Messing Asked That Grace ‘Be a Feminist’When Megan Mullally was asked if she wanted to change anything about her character, she answered simply: “No.”
  5. The Hilariously Bleak Janicza Bravo Is the New Voice of ComedyMeet the idiosyncratic director Michael Cera, Judy Greer, Donald Glover, and Sarah Jessica Parker all want to work with.
  6. Check Out a Clip from Janicza Bravo’s Movie ‘Lemon’ Featuring Brett Gelman […]Ahead of Janicza Bravo and Brett Gelman’s movie Lemon premiering in theaters, iTunes, On Demand, and Amazon Video this week, here’s a sneak […]
  7. trailer mix
    The Will & Grace Cast Is Having an Infectiously Good Time in This New TeaserWho needs plot details when you have Karen passionately making out with Jack?
  8. reboots
    Minnie Driver Would Really Like to Be in the Will & Grace Revival, ThanksLorraine Finster will ride again, if Minnie Driver has any say.
  9. Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman to Produce a ‘Lincoln in the Bardo’ Movie […]George Saunders’s new novel is headed to the big screen with some help from Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman. According to Deadline, Mullally […]
  10. first looks
    Here’s Your First Behind-the-Scenes Look at the Will & Grace RevivalLooking good, you four.
  11. last night on late night
    Megan Mullally Looks Back at Will & GraceThink of all the anecdotes she’ll have after ten more years!
  12. business and pleasure
    Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally Get Comedy SpecialIt’s called Summer of 69: No Apostrophe.
  13. rumor mill
    Rumors of Will & Grace Revival Teased by CastLeslie Jordan (Beverly Leslie) claims NBC has commissioned 10 new episodes.
  14. tributes
    Debra Messing, Will & Grace Cast Remember Their Co-star Debbie Reynolds“RIP Bobbie Adler.”
  15. last night on late night
    Megan Mullally Regrets Performing With Donald Trump at the EmmysAnd remembers how Donald Trump really wanted to win his segment.
  16. revivals
    Megan Mullally Is Keeping Your Hopes Up for a Will & Grace RevivalRumors of “preliminary talks” might have been true.
  17. The ‘Will & Grace’ Cast Reunited for a Special Episode About the ElectionIt’s been ten years since Will & Grace ended its run on NBC, and thanks to a new video, we now know how Grace, Will, Karen, and Jack feel about […]
  18. reunions
    Will & Grace Is Coming Back. How? Don’t Ask Questions; It’s Just Back“We’re baaaaaaack!”
  19. Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman Enjoyed Their Vacation in Sluts HarborHere’s a clip from Megan Mullally’s visit to last night’s Conan, where she tells O’Brien about a recent stop she and her husband Nick Offerman […]
  20. last night on late night
    Nick Offerman’s Photo Pops Up Around the WorldNick Offerman: recognizable as male from 2,000 yards.
  21. casting couch
    Constance Wu, Megan Mullally Join Hulu’s 404The two will star in an episode about the NSA.
  22. Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman, Noël Wells, and More Join ‘Infinity Baby’A new futuristic comedy is in the works with some great comedy names attached. According to Deadline, Megan Mullally, Nick Offerman, and Kieran […]
  23. Megan Mullally Joins Bryan Cranston and James Franco in ‘Why Him?’James Franco and Bryan Cranston’s upcoming film Why Him? just added another star to its cast. According to Variety, Megan Mullally has signed […]
  24. why him
    Megan Mullally Is in a Franco-Cranston MovieDon’t put Mullally in the corner.
  25. clickables
    See Brie, Offerman, Mullally Sing About Pussy It’s supposed to promote the release of Somebody Up There Likes Me, and it does in a way.
  26. covers
    Watch Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman Rap Riskay’s ‘Smell Yo Dick’NSFW language, unless you are a sailor or professional dick-smeller.
  27. What Gay Boy Wouldn’t Want Megan Mullally As His Mom?We’re on the set of her new movie, G.B.F.
  28. bob's burgers
    Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally on Bob’s BurgersDream team! In 2-D!
  29. last night on late night
    Last Night on Late Night: Ben Affleck Wanted to Keep His Nude Scene LongPlus: Megan Mullally tells us about her mole that can predict the weather.
  30. triumphant returns
    Megan Mullally Returning to Parks and RecTammy 2 strikes again.
  31. somebody up there likes me
    Watch a Promo for Somebody Up There Likes Me“We don’t do Facebook.”
  32. kudos
    The New EGOTs: Vulture Coins Other Great Achievements in Cultural OmnipresenceMadonna gets a SAD! 50 Cent gets a RASH! Blue Ivy gets a BMW!
  33. sitcoms
    See a Comprehensive Chart Detailing the Hardest-Working Actors in SitcomsIs there a show you love that hasn’t featured Megan Mullally? Nope. No, there is not.
  34. nick offerman
    Watch a Goofy Country Duet Between Real Life Couple Nick Offerman and Megan MullallyAh, young love. Young, funny love.
  35. riot comedy festival
    Watch Very Funny People Clamor for a Comedy Festival in Los AngelesMegan Mullally and friends want your money for an alt-comedy festival in the City of Angels.
  36. funny or die
    Visit Peggy Dvorak’s (Megan Mullally’s) Home for ActressesAubrey Plaza, Casey Wilson, Michaela Watkins, Lake Bell, Ellie Kemper, and Lizzy Caplan needed training, so they sought out Peggy Dvorak (Megan Mullally in an EXCELLENT wig).
  37. clickables
    Watch Casey Wilson and Megan Mullally Sing Natalie Imbruglia’s ‘Torn’Mullally plays mom to Wilson on the next episode of ‘Happy Endings.’
  38. casting
    Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally Join Gay DudeBut not as each other’s spouses, alas.
  39. Nick Offerman, Megan Mullally Approve of Tammy #1 Despite the fact that she will no doubt ruin both their characters’ lives, Nick Offerman and Megan Mullally approved of Patricia Clarkson as […]
  40. clickables
    Watch a Thrilling Teaser for Parks and Recreation’s ‘Ron & Tammy 2’She’s back!
  41. quote machine
    Rampage Jackson Clears Everything UpPlus: Chris Brown’s visa request denied by country of Europe.
  42. drama
    Update: Mullally’s Exit Kills Lips TogetherAll because of Patton Oswalt’s bad acting.
  43. drama
    Why Did Megan Mullally Quit Lips Together?Did she try to have him replaced?
  44. in the magazine
    Megan Mullally and Nick Offerman Take It OffEver wondered what Ron Swanson looks like in the nude, with his privates obscured only by grapes? Then we have terrific news.
  45. tv
    Discover the Shocking Origins of ‘That’s What She Said’Megan Mullally and Tom Lennon investigate.
  46. the industry
    Comedy Central Wants More Sarah Silverman and Demetri MartinPlus: Joan Rivers returns home!
  47. the industry
    Steve Buscemi and Martin Scorsese to Hit Atlantic City, Possibly Save HBOPlus: New ‘Planet of the Apes’ movie gets a director!
  48. the early word
    ‘Young Frankenstein’: You’ll Never Believe What They’re Calling Megan MullallyThe young woman outside the Paramount Theatre says she’s come to the Seattle preview of Young Frankenstein, Mel Brooks’s follow-up to his tremendous hit The Producers, because she’s a “bitch.” “And so is Megan Mullally!” she squeals. “From Will & Grace! She’s a bitch, I’m a bitch. We have a connection!” Ms. Mullally’s superfan is among an older and decidedly more guarded crowd — the middle-aged couple sitting next to us came because they got a deal when they bought tickets to Spamalot.
  49. the industry
    A Match Made in Noir Heaven: Clive Owen, Frank Miller, Raymond Chandler
  50. the industry
    Mel Brooks Assembles Monster Cast for ‘Young Frankenstein’