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  1. chat room
    Game of Thrones Star Carice van Houten Has a Lot of Melisandre Questions, Too“She was a mystery to me — and people bought it.”
  2. WATCH: This Game of Thrones Fan Poll Predicts Who Will Die in Season 7Jon Snow is safe, for once.
  3. last night on late night
    Conan Reveals Himself to Be an Ancient Crone Sorceress, Surprising FewYou always wondered about that ostentatious choker he always wears …
  4. close reads
    All the Clues That Could Have Tipped You Off About MelisandreOur favorite red priestess has hinted before that she could pull something like this off.
  5. Melisandre’s Stunning Reveal on Game of Thrones“You can’t take your eyes off of it.”
  6. last night on late night
    No, Do Not Invite Melisandre to Your Baby ShowerTrust.
  7. close reads
    Reevaluating MelisandreWhat is it exactly that she can do?
  8. theories
    Why the Latest Game of Thrones Death Might Not Be Like the OthersBook readers have theories.
  9. chat room
    GOT’s Melisandre on Why People Love to Hate Her“It’s nothing personal.”