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  1. mariah carey
    Mariah Carey Is Just as Oblivious to Age as She Is to Jennifer LopezTime? I don’t know her.
  2. vulture lists
    7 Undeniable Contemporary Influences on Prince’s New Album, HITnRUNFrom DJ Mustard and Miguel to EDM and reggaeton.
  3. memes
    The ‘Why You Always Lying?’ Vine Has an Even Longer Video to Obsess OverYou knew this day would come.
  4. drake vs meek
    Drake Included Meek Mill Beef Memes in OVO Fest SetYour move, Meek.
  5. memes
    What Makes Despicable Me’s Minions So Gosh Dang Meme-able?They were seemingly created in a lab for this very purpose.
  6. *skrrrrrrrrrt*
    Did Lil B Invent the Flick of the Wrist?Your guide to one of the year’s biggest memes.
  7. memes
    The Best of #BeyoncéAlwaysOnBeat2015’s best meme.
  8. these are their stories
    This Christopher Meloni Meme Is Very GoodThese are their stories. 
  9. and the internet goes wild
    Katy Perry’s Dancing Sharks Were the Real Super Bowl WinnersPatriots, who? 
  10. This Russian Filmmaker Invented Response Memes 100 Years AgoAh, internet memes. Depending who you are, they’re what you make online and talk about with your buddies at school, what your goddamn kid won’t […]
  11. memes
    What the Actress Who Played Jan Thinks of Her Brady Bunch Movie Meme“She was so misunderstood, God bless her.”
  12. sure jan
    20 Years After Its Release, a Brady Bunch Movie Meme EmergesWhy? Teens!
  13. memes
    Oops, We Inspired a Benedict Cumberbatch MemeAnd it’s a good one.
  14. the internet
    Twitter Goes Nuts With #LifetimeBiopics After the Aaliyah Movie Premieres This was inevitable.
  15. the internet
    Bill Cosby Asks Internet to ‘Meme’ Him; Twitter Responds With Rape AllegationsDeclaring “Go ahead. Meme me!” is rarely a smart move.
  16. memes
    Which Celebrities Are at the Center of the Ice Bucket Challenge?Splash.
  17. i would meme 4 u
    Prince Is Writing Songs About Memes NowHe held a listening party for his new album last night.
  18. last night on late night
    Watch Steve Buscemi Confront the Buscemi-Eyes Meme“I did not think this was funny at all.”
  19. memes
    And Then There Were Three: The #TrueDetectiveSeason2 Meme Gets a New SpinThree apparently is not a crowd.
  20. tributes
    Boy King Mocked: The Web’s Best Joffrey Memes“If I was anymore inbred, I’d be a sandwich.”
  21. memes
    Today’s Completely Random Pop-Culture Meme: ‘Hail HYDRA’Spoiler alert for Captain America: The Winter Soldier, kind of.
  22. memes memes memes
    Here Are Some of the Internet’s Funniest True Detective ParodiesTrue Detective? More like …”
  23. the internet
    The Breaking Bad Finale’s Best Memes, Tributes, and CallbacksWhat would this show be without the Internet?
  24. the internets
    A Grumpy Cat Film Is Just a Web-Fueled SNL MovieWhat’s the difference between making a movie out of a meme and making one out of the Ladies Man?
  25. party chat
    Grimes on Math, Memes, and Breathing ProblemsThe last thing she Googled was “Why can’t I breathe?”
  26. save ryan gosling from the internet
    Ryan Gosling Cannot Escape His Own MemesThis Week in Ryan Gosling Memes: Cereal.
  27. memes
    Watch Jake Johnson Imitate Your Favorite MemesHe is Grumpy Cat.
  28. memes
    Here’s Alison Brie Acting Out the Memes You LoveLike Grumpy Cat and Unflattering Beyoncé.
  29. memes
    Don’t Film a ‘Harlem Shake’ Video on a WWII Memorial in RussiaCome on.
  30. memes
    The ‘Harlem Shake’ Meme Is Getting People Fired NowOops.
  31. the realness
    5 Music Videos Featuring the Actual Harlem ShakeThat meme doesn’t know what it’s talking about.
  32. So a Corporation Has Stolen Your JokeIn my fulltime job as Humor Editor for Groupon, I’m confronted daily by how difficult it can be to make a large company’s social media presence […]
  33. rihanna
    Watch Rihanna Get Memepunked by the Trololo GuyRihanna lives the meme.
  34. breaking bad
    Today’s Three Outstanding Breaking Bad Mash-Up Memes Are …Chavril FTW.
  35. ‘Drunk Jeff Goldblum’ Is Alive and WellThe meme will never die.
  36. Meet Maymo, the Dog Who Should Be the Most Ashamed of HimselfThis dog is the worst, but he’s still probably good for hugging.
  37. Watch Noah Kalina’s ReturnIt’s like we’ve grown up with him!
  38. Watch ‘Songs Black Girls Sing,’ and See What’s on Your PlaylistINOJ forever!
  39. meryl streep
    Check Out a Meryl Streep–Three Wolf Moon T-ShirtMeryl Streep just broke the Internet.
  40. justin bieber
    Justin Bieber, Most Viral Video EverWell done, fellas.
  41. memes
    The Internets Album ArtAll the classics in one place!
  42. Shit X Says: The State of a Meme at the End of Its Life (Hopefully)It all began on December 12, 2011. That’s when “Shit Girls Say” was uploaded to YouTube and nearly broke the Internet when it was picked up […]
  43. kate bush
    Visit Skate Bush, a Blog Featuring Photoshopped Pictures Of Kate Bush SkatingSee Kate Bush ollie (finally!).
  44. memes
    Learn the Top Ten Memes of the YearThe “internetty things” that shaped your lunch breaks in 2011.
  45. memes
    Find 40 Memes in One Music VideoOne song. Forty-plus memes. Have at it, Internet.
  46. clickables
    Watch a Documentary About Rebecca BlackEvery day is Friday!
  47. clickables
    See People ‘Tebowing’Tim Tebow: now a meme.
  48. clickables
    See Famous People Turned Into Little PeopleGiving new meaning to the term “petite.”
  49. Left Handed Radio: ‘The Martial Arts’On this episode: We’re sponsored by Blendy’s and their new menus of delicious treats, Kathy Clairol shows us some improbably reversable fashion […]
  50. Quest For A Meme: Trump TrollfaceThe internet is fueled by topicality. Humor seems to drive the most popular memes and viral content. As a reader, hitting your favorite […]
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