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  1. memoir
    Sleeping With Andy WarholIn 1962, a young poet named John Giorno met the Pop Art god, who in turn made him his first superstar. For a little while, they were in love.
  2. book excerpt
    ‘The Unthinkable Has Happened’You learn to believe in your child’s existence. What happens when she’s killed by a piece of your daily environment?
  3. punctuation
    63 Times a Very Excited Bruce Springsteen Used ALL CAPS in His MemoirHe gets VERY excited!
  4. listen up
    Playlist: The Songs Bruce Springsteen References in Born to RunThe deep cuts and classics. 
  5. in memoriam
    Celebrities React to the Death of Elie WieselWiesel’s many admirers are now mourning his death.
  6. Amy Poehler Is Writing a Book, Out in 2014 Following in the footsteps of her frequent collaborator Tina Fey, Amy Poehler just signed a book deal. AP reports that Poehler is writing a […]