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  1. Sebastian Bach’s Gilmore Girls Fanboy MomentAn excerpt from his new memoir. 
  2. memoirs
    What We Learned From Lauren Graham’s MemoirTales from the talkiest show on TV.
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    Poetry from Carrie Fisher’s Harrison Ford AffairAs you might expect from a 19-year-old.
  4. 7 Surprising Facts in Trevor Noah’s Born a CrimeTales from his childhood in South Africa. 
  5. memoirs
    6 Things We Learned From Anna Kendrick’s Memoir, Scrappy Little NobodyShe’s very open about money, sex, and Twilight.
  6. memoirs
    Elton John Is Writing His First-Ever Memoir, Finally Caving to NostalgiaIt’ll be released in 2019.
  7. memoirs
    Bruce Springsteen’s Memoir Beautifully Dissects His Own MasculinityWhat Born to Run has to say about the Boss’s relationship to gender. 
  8. Joel McHale Made a Perfect Trailer for His Upcoming Memoir ‘Thanks for the […]Joel McHale’s new memoir is out next month, and today he released a trailer for the book to get you excited. Titled Thanks for the Money: How […]
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    Norm Macdonald Unloads on Modern Comedy and SNL“If you can tell me one funny, socially relevant joke I’d give you a million dollars.”
  10. celebrity memoirs
    Simone Biles Is Writing a Christian MemoirIt’s called Courage to Fall.
  11. vulture book club
    Bob Odenkirk to Write Comedic, Non-Legalese MemoirCourtesy of Random House.
  12. Bob Odenkirk Is Writing a Book of Personal EssaysBob Odenkirk is working on a memoir about his life and career. According to The New York Times, Random House will publish Odenkirk’s book, […]
  13. amy schumer
    11 Funniest Moments From Amy Schumer’s Book“First, I’d like to thank all the people who pointed out that I was a woman … You made sure I didn’t lose sight of my ovaries.”
  14. vulture book club
    Lauren Graham’s New Memoir Cover Has Perhaps the Best Tagline of 2016Sneak a peek!
  15. Norm Macdonald’s Memoir ‘Based on a True Story’ Is Out in SeptemberNorm Macdonald has written a book, and thankfully you won’t have to wait that long to read it. On Twitter today, Macdonald announced that his […]
  16. Ellie Kemper Is Writing a Book of Personal EssaysUnbreakable Kimmy Schmidt star Ellie Kemper has a memoir in the works. According to Entertainment Weekly, Kemper is working on an untitled […]
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    Ellie Kemper Is Your Latest Funny Person With a Book DealUn-be-fudge-ing-lievable.
  18. Tig Notaro’s Memoir ‘I’m Just a Person’ Is Out Next WeekTig Notaro has a new book hitting stores next week. According to Entertainment Weekly, Notaro’s memoir I’m Just a Person will be released next […]
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    Taraji P. Henson’s Memoir Gets the Cover and Title of Cookie’s DreamsIt’s out October 11.
  20. vulture book club
    See Amy Schumer’s Book CoverIt’ll be out August 16.
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    Jeffrey Tambor Is Writing a MemoirRemember the Golden Globes?
  22. Jeffrey Tambor’s Memoir ‘Are You Anybody’ Is Out Next YearJeffrey Tambor has a new book in the works. According to Variety, the Transparent star has signed on to write a memoir about his long career in […]
  23. celebrity memoirs
    Ian McKellen Won’t Write His Memoir After AllWe still love you, Sir Ian.
  24. celebrity memoirs
    Kevin Hart Is Writing a Memoir, From the HartYes, Kevin Hart is actually calling his memoir From the Hart.
  25. Kevin Hart Is Writing a Memoir Called ‘From the Hart’Kevin Hart has a new book in the works. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Hart has signed on to write a memoir for Atria Publishing Group […]
  26. memoirs
    Against Me!’s Laura Jane Grace Pens MemoirThe full title is Tranny: Confessions of Punk Rock’s Most Infamous Anarchist Sellout.
  27. memoirs
    Prince Signs Deal to Write a MemoirThe “unconventional and poetic” memoir is set to be published in 2017.
  28. tell-alls
    Ron Miscavige to Publish Book About ScientologyWill we find out whatever happened to Shelly?
  29. autobiographies
    Bruce Springsteen to Write Memoir, Born to RunSee the cover!
  30. memoirs
    Caitlyn Jenner Is Writing a MemoirFor spring 2017.
  31. Norm Macdonald Is Writing a Memoir Called ‘Based on a True Story’Comedian and SNL alum Norm Macdonald is writing a memoir. Deadline reports that Macdonald has signed a deal with Random House to publish a […]
  32. oprah
    You Already Want Oprah’s Memoir, The Life You WantYou get a book deal! And you get a book deal!
  33. Senator and ‘SNL’ Alum Al Franken Is Writing a MemoirFormer SNL writer/cast member and current Senator Al Franken has a new book in the works. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Franken has […]
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    Charlie Sheen Is Writing a MemoirThe book will cover his HIV diagnosis.
  35. vulture lists
    20 Musicians on Their Favorite Rock-and-Roll MemoirsMichael Stipe, Shirley Manson, and Sara Bareilles all said Patti Smith’s Just Kids.
  36. big screen adaptations
    Julie Klausner’s Memoir Will Be Coming to a Theater Near YouAbout time!
  37. vulture reading room
    9 Things We Learned About Drew Barrymore From Her New Memoir WildflowerForty years’ worth of memories.
  38. When Your Mom Reads Your Raunchy, Brutal MemoirMore than a little awkward! 
  39. listen up
    Every Song That Influenced Elvis Costello, According to His New MemoirPlus a deep dive into why Costello’s encyclopedic appreciation of music remains one of the defining characteristics of his discography.
  40. excerpt
    Book Excerpt: Elvis Costello Shares the Inspiration Behind ‘Alison’A chapter from the singer-songwriter’s memoir, Unfaithful Music & Disappearing Ink.
  41. memoirs
    Jewel Talks About Decades of Sexual HarassmentThe singer discloses the uncomfortable details in her new book, Never Broken.
  42. the sound of money
    The Golden Age: 16 Very Expensive Highlights From Music-Business Memoirs“It was considered great sport to take one of the framed gold records … lay it on the grand piano, spread a gram or so on the glass, and spin it until the coke arrayed itself in a giant spiral.”
  43. Gary Indiana’s Great Material“People like us are lucky because every shitty thing that happens to us is just more material,” Indiana has recalled Burroughs telling him.
  44. Carrie Brownstein Announces Book Tour Featuring Amy Poehler, Questlove, […]Musician and Portlandia star Carrie Brownstein has a new memoir titled Hunger Makes Me a Modern Girl hitting bookstores this fall, and to […]
  45. Carol Leifer Is Developing a Comedy Series Based on Her 2014 MemoirLongtime television comedy writer Carol Leifer has a new television show in the works. According to Variety, Leifer has teamed up with Gaumont […]
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    See the Cover of Mindy Kaling’s Next MemoirAnd the release date!
  47. the industry
    Patti Smith Is Writing Another M-E-M-O-I-RA “roadmap” to her life.
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    Patricia Arquette Will Follow Up Her Oscar Win With a MemoirIt’ll discuss her famous family, being a single mom, and her experiences as a woman in Hollywood.
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    Brace Yourselves: Carrie Brownstein’s Memoir Is Coming Sooner Than You ThinkHunger Makes Me a Modern Girl.
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    What It Was Like to Be Filmed by Albert MayslesHe came to record my children talking—and then, two years later, came back for more footage.
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