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  1. memorialpocalypse
    Michael Jackson’s Funeral Cost a Lot of MoneyJust like his life.
  2. memorialpocalypse
    Coroner Issues Shocking Report: Michael Jackson Was Healthy at Time of Death!And if you believe that, we’ve got some great swampland in Florida to sell to you!
  3. memorialpocalypse
    Ronald Reagan Proves to Be More Popular Than Michael Jackson31.1 million people watched MJ’s funeral, which was slightly less than the audience for Reagan’s.
  4. mysteries
    So How Come Justin Timberlake Was a No-show at Michael Jackson’s Funeral?We wish we knew!
  5. memorialpocalypse
    MJ Funeral Likely to Draw in Excess of 30 Million Television ViewersWill he draw more than Princess Diana, though?
  6. memorialpocalypse
    Memorialpocalypse: Live-Blogging the Michael Jackson FuneralVulture’s up-to-the-minute news ticker on the funeral event of the decade.