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  1. merchandising!
    Mel Brooks Provides an Update on Spaceballs 2: The Search for More Money“We’re talking.”
  2. it’s for charity
    You Can Now Sport a T-Shirt Featuring Activist Legend Jane Fonda’s 1970 Mug ShotRighteous fashionistas, take note.
  3. There Was So Much Counterfeit Duff Being Made in Chile Fox Just Started […]Fox is finally cashing in on the popularity of Duff Beer from The Simpsons by creating the real thing, but it’s debuting somewhere other than […]
  4. i’m a carrie
    Now You Can Wear Your Very Own Homeland ‘I’m a Carrie’ T-ShirtAre you a Carrie? Or a Saul? How about a Brody? We have some ideas.
  5. merchandising
    Target Offering $999 Hunger Games PinWhat the what?
  6. ‘Family Guy’ and KISS Team Up for Branded Products I’m Doubly Uninterested […]It’s nice when people want to save you time, isn’t it? For example, if there was a line of Family Guy branded products, I’d want to not waste […]
  7. You Can Now Buy Dunder Mifflin Paper ProductsIt’s the inevitable marketing tie-in to The Office.
  8. merchandising
    Optimus Prime Speakers Redefine ‘The Boomin’ System’And likely not in a good way.