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Met Costume Institute Gala

  1. party lines
    Zoe Saldana at the Met Costume Institute GalaPlus: Tom Brady, Christina Hendricks, Anne Hathaway …
  2. overnights
    ‘American Idol’: Mariah Carey Night Goes As Well As Could Be ExpectedLast night, the remaining finalists sang selections from the Mariah Carey songbook. Sadly, there were very few high notes.
  3. the industry
    Richard Gere Gets Back to Work; Dalai Lama Secretly PleasedPlus: They’re remaking ‘Le Cercle Rouge’? With Orlando Bloom?
  4. the take
    Video: Jerry Saltz at ‘©Murakami’’New York’ art critic Jerry Saltz visited “©Murakami” at the Brooklyn Museum to walk us through a few of the highlights.
  5. the early-evening news
    A.O. Scott Steals From ChildrenPlus: ‘Idol’ does Mariah, and Axl Rose denies reality-show rumors.
  6. right-click
    See? We Told You the Scarlett Johansson Album Was OkayPlus: New music from the Hold Steady and the Re-Up Gang!
  7. agenda
    ‘War/Dance,’ a True-Life Dance Flick to Truly InspireSean Fine and Andrea Nix Fine’s celebratory and dazzlingly scenic documentary is Bring It On, Uganda style.
  8. art candy
    Artist David Foote’s Attack of the ClonesDavid Foote’s “New Girls” are elegant, spooked, spooky, lovely, glamorous, sad, freaky, and alienlike.
  9. news reel
    Bill Withers Refuses to Sing at Stuttering Benefit“Sleeping in the hotel, I got wrapped up in a pillow and woke up with this,” he said, pointing to a spot at the back of his neck. “If I emit any loud noises, I’ll pass out.”
  10. chat room
    ‘n+1’ Founder Keith Gessen on His Debut Novel and Men Behaving BadlyGessen talks about ‘All the Sad Young Literary Men’ and his portrayal of women.
  11. quote machine
    The CMT Awards: Where Snoop Dogg’s Fancy Turns to Thoughts of LovePlus: Quotes from Amy Poehler, Keanu Reeves, and the star of ‘MILF Island.’
  12. tube junkie
    McLovin, Semi-Jokingly, Solicits Your DonationsAfter Oscar voters failed to recognize his genius, the ‘Superbad’ star is taking to the Internet to ask for your help.
  13. apropos of nothing
    Billionaire British Author Charms Manhattan CourtroomJ.K. Rowling was in New York yesterday to testify against ‘Harry Potter Lexicon’ author Steven Vander Ark in her noble quest to squash the publication of his book. Man, is she charming.
  14. apropos of nothing
    Chewbacca Was Not the Original WingmanSpike TV’s bus-stop ads are wrong — as everyone knows, Wedge Antillees was the original wingman.
  15. apropos of nothing
    Banksy Commits Biggest-Ever Act of VandalismSemi-annoying graffiti artist Banksy perpetrated his biggest act of vandalism yet over the weekend, stenciling this scene on the side of a post office in Central London.
  16. the industry
    Spielberg Falls for Sexy ‘Anime’ RobotPlus: Demi Moore goes indie, and Donald Trump is getting his own series on Lifetime!
  17. agenda
    ‘All Souls’ Brings Feeling Back to the Prep-School NovelChristine Schutt’s latest is set at an elite UES private school (like the one she teaches at), but bucks any comparisons to Gossip Girl.
  18. agenda
    Hanna Montana DVD: No Tickets or Chaperones RequiredBack in January we told you to book advance passes to this Hanna Montana–Miley Cyrus movie, which went nearly as fast as the tickets to the live performances it documented. But relax: The Best of Both Worlds DVD isn’t going anywhere.