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  1. meta
    Ivanka Trump and Jared Kushner Walked Out of ViceNice of them to make time for a movie.
  2. meta
    The High School Musical Show Is About a High School Doing High School MusicalIt’ll appear on Disney’s new streaming service.
  3. meta
    Josh Brolin Will Star in Hulu’s ‘The Untitled Josh Brolin Project’Yes, that’s really the title.
  4. meta
    Jason Sudeikis Impersonated Our Theater Critic Getting a Painful Foot MassageWrites Scott Brown, “He did some spot-on impressions of my more agonized facial expressions.”
  5. Science Says You Should Get Paid for Dicking Around on SplitsiderGuys! Great news! Science wants you to keep reading this site instead of doing work as it will make you better at doing work:Research found […]
  6. Meeting Your Own Impersonator: 10 Great SNL Meta-MomentsSome of the greatest moments in Saturday Night Live’s history are celebrities coming on the show to confront their SNL doppelgangers. Whether […]
  7. Welcome to SplitsiderHello! Thanks for stopping by. Welcome to Splitsider, a new blog about comedy, comedians and all things funny in the age of the […]
  8. the unstoppable bethenny frankel
    If You’re on Team Bethenny, Bravo Has Got You PeggedThe New York ‘Times’ calls LuAnn de Lesseps a mere “model-turned-fourth-wife-of-a-count.”